Tuesday, October 05, 2004

430 words, young buck's new piece and chain:

in pre g-unit pictures young buck's always got on a plain gold herringbone chain and a silver chain with a cross over top of it, hanging over the YOUNG BUCK/rolling dice tattoo on his bare chest.
(50 wears long, plain platinum chains with giant round diamonds set in them, and plain platinum crosses.
banks wears boring jesus pieces but balances them perfectly with the right amount of ice spread across his whole body, wrists, earlobes.)
buck likes to pose with his fists up to show that they're rocked the fuck out and concentrate all of his jewelry in a circular zone around his face and upper chest, everything at the same level, pieces and chains, grill, watch, bracelet, earrings. the big g-unit spinner was the perfect piece for him, that huge round platter of ice embedded in his skinny black chest or sitting against a backdrop of black property of g-unit t-shirt. even when i saw him live, in a giant hockey arena, he'd reach down to spin it, not realizing its effect was decreased to almost nothing. (at the same show kardinal offishal leaned way out into the crowd to let kids stroke his piece and chain and finish the lines in bakardi slang).
young buck let his friend d-tay wear the chain. some stick up kids in chicago ran up on them and the piece and chain got taken. the kid who jacked it posed in some magazine with the piece on his chest and his face blacked out. they tried to get a ransom and then they tried to sell it to anyone who would buy it, but no one wanted it.
young buck got a new spinning chain. i can't find a picture of it but he's wearing it in his two new videos. it's his Y over B symbol done in platinum. the Y spins.
the B is stretched out, widened two times out of normal height to width ratio.
the Y is sort of abstract, the three lines in it all the same length, and the ends of each line turned into a sharp arrow.
it's clean, no diamonds, just the platinum shine. it might be the symbol of a korean car company or a martini bar. it looks like it's supposed to have some deeper meaning or use, like it's based on some kind of long debunked medieval navigation tool.
very cool, very unsuited to him, doesn't match with the random diamonds in his teeth and spiky crushed ice diamonds on his shackle bracelet. it looks out of place replacing the g-unit spinner on his tattooed chest.

I always thought Buck looked kinda silly constantly playing with those spinning pieces, even when they all had those spinning G Unit medallions it seemed like he spun his a lot more than anyone else. it's like, man, how fascinating can it be to do that over and over?
u would do it to you fuck cracka ass bitch.. that chain is worth mo than ure life bitch
fucking niggers, listen to some damn real music once in a while like some classic rock
I thought that your little childish derogatory comment was racist and childish. The same people that call Young Buck out of his name are the same people that make him rich when he sells out. I mean is it a problem b/c he’s successful, black (and not to mention, sexy)and you’re not. I mean really, is this world full of racist bigots or what????????????????????

A life of any race is priceless!
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the reason buck and 50 didnt buy the spinner back is cuz it wasnt worth shit!!! it was appraised and wasnt shit but white gold and crystal, them niggas b frontin, and buck was wearin the chain when it was snatched!! get the facts straight.
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