Wednesday, September 29, 2004

a video for three kings now there.
slim thug, t.i. and bun b.
beautiful wetlooking expensivelooking videos for rappers that came out of nowhere and still sell records at barbershops.
nighttime. club scenes. thick girls that's caramel brown. pop trunks.
slim thug does his drank by the pint, dro by the pound verse and still seems stiff and we're still hopeful.
t.i. with a shirtful of dangling pieces and pieces and chains and chains leans on a clk500 on 20s and smiles with a mouthful of diamonds, following through on his promise to outgrill flip.
bun b rides through the opening on a chrome chopper and looks casual and pretty iceless and appeals again for pimp c's release.
check background for: paul wall, esg, lil 3rd, yung ro, various grit boys, boss hogg outlaws, and probably dozens of other minor houston mixtape rappers that only other minor houston mixtape rappers will be able to recognize.

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