Tuesday, September 28, 2004

there's no retroactive or whatever repping of no limit by people that are just starting to get into southern stuff, like cash money gets. master p is still a joke and the beats are still generic and no limit rappers can't ride beats and their songs about cars aren't that funny. okay this might be the best no limit album ever not counting a few master p albums that are untouchable. it's called unlady like. it's by mia x. she had one album before and one after this one, which came out in 1997. i bought it this summer with a stack of old no limit stuff at a used cd store in calgary, alberta.

the cover, mia with her head rolled way back against the back of an oxblood leather chair, feet up on broad, shiny desk, scuffed soles of white highheels and budles of hundred dollar bills in foreground, chandelier and gold framed album covers hung on red wallpaper in background.

i always used to imagine her as a thin faced gully bitch in american flag bikini with tattoos on her arms and thighs, posing with desert eagle in front of mercedes convertible, but she's like the complete opposite of that. inside the cd, her wide square body in shoulderpadded pantsuit with low neck to reveal:
1. tiny diamond medallion on gold chain around her big neck.
2. half of a bright red heart tattoo, with maybe a name written inside of it.
3. her flat wide breasts and stringy white bra.
she has:
1. pretty, round face.
2. beautiful big eyes.
3. her hair done up cleanly in thick curls on the top of her head.
4. antique gold rings and long white nails on her thick fingers.
in the other pictures:
1. she's wearing expensive looking blouses with complex patters and she has short straight hair.
2. she's wearing all dark fur and black sunglasses and crossing her arms across her chest and looking sad and resilient.
3. she's got her head on top of a robed, barefooted statue holding a bearded mask and standing under a stone dome.

the first song is a no limit posse song with master p, c-murder, silkk, and mystikal. and the second song is one with foxy brown and p and it's called the party don't stop. the third song is called i pitty u and it's just mia alone and the beat sounds like a cleaned down no limit version of niggas bleed or niggas bleed sounds like a beautiful nyc version of a sad no limit beat. and she sounds like slow devastating biggie from the dark tracks on life after death. she has this really conventional flow, sounding like mid 90s nyc superrappers with slowmotion charisma, using all kinds of old, basic rap tricks and never raising her voice or working to make things rhyme and she sounds clean and hard and spits rhymes as grimy and real as anyone repping the tank. you got the nerve to spit vicious / yeah i heard ya, but abortion / is the only type of murder you bitches did / tell them niggas stop writing your rhymes / cause real bitches speak they own minds / i pity you / and don't come unless ya slingin some iron / because we tryna dead ya whole crew / i pity you.

seven is an intro where she tells how much love she's got for salt and papa because they did it ghetto style and got platinum plaques. track eight is i'll take ya man 97. she does the oldschool flow perfect, sounding swaggery and rough and talking filthy about fucking niggas just for spite and ruining wedding plans. when she squeals over the outro i
in a red wallpaper/gold bedroom that's just off the office in the cover picture. on a tall, expensive bed. she's wearing the white pantsuit and sitting on the edge of the bed, kicking off the white highheels onto the hardwood floor and rolling over on her back with her knees up, which i kneel between and she pulls my t shirt up over my head and unbuttons and unzips my jeans and rubs my dick thru my underwear. unbutton her top and peel it back and she pulls down her bra and i kiss her breasts, fat neck and sticky lips. take off her pants and thin shiny panties and eat her dark, clean pussy. slide up over her and let her guide me into the right place and fuck her while she closes her eyes and breathes deeply.

there's a song called let's get it straight with a mystikal chorus that's good.

there's a tru reunion with c-murder, and a silkk.

there's a song called all n's that has the same break as every hardcore bounce song ever but also crazy arabian flutes and shit too.

there's a song called you & me that's about her man. she was a good girl and he was in the streets, but he was a gentleman and he respected her and she fell in love with him and he fell in love with her and her moans drowned out the sounds of the street and he told her everything about himself. they had a kid. he got murdered.

the next song is about her best friend jil, who got murdered, too. the beat is like the keyboard sounds from when master p sounded like fake california but all swooshy and sweeping over soft drums and ready to make you cry while she shouts out all the women she knows who died before they should have.

the last song is a prayer of thanks.

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