Wednesday, September 08, 2004

t.i.: that nigga say he from your hood...
scarface: i aint never seen that nigga there.

based on second hand accounts, etc. scarface shitted on flip in the down with the king mixtape (see several posts below) phone conversations. face is supposedly always in his neighborhood still and owns a house there, but he makes claims about flip never really doing shit in the streets, which are probably closer to true than false-- but that's not really flip's thing, he doesn't really specifically play up his street history (when he does it's either hyperbolic or quiet and honest) and he won't talk about getting shot or shit like that. and according to flip, he grew up mostly on the northside-- and when he did eventually move to the southside it wasn't as if face and flip were neighbors, they both just lived in the same general area. is this guy saying flip's been lying for like ten years about where he's from? dude is like at least twice flip's age, too. fuck scarface. at the end of the conversation face tells t.i. he can take the king of the south crown and tells flip to keep his name out his mouth.
also, he's the guy that tells t.i. to talk to lil 3rd from the botany boys about flip stealing his whole leprechaun thing. fuck scarface.
also, t.i. describes mike jones as a g.
dream track: lil flip ft. chamillionaire, bun b, rick ross, luda, trick daddy - fuck t.i.

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