Wednesday, September 15, 2004

swishahouse got fifteen million from warner bros. today.

mike jones is coming first. paul wall second. magno and the other guys later, maybe.

paul wall. he will still suck. his album will be chick magnet girl songs again and a song with killer mike and david banner. and it looks like this is the reason paul abandoned cham on some shady, impolite shit a few months ago and abruptly jumped back to the swishahouse camp. fuck paul wall.

mike jones will go platinum. he's got the south and he's got flip getting his video retired on 106&park and his album is going to be ten times better than u gotta feel me. he's going to have lots of goofy anthems and hard dirty beats (fuck flip and slim thug settling for five year old discount heatmakerz and neptunes beats) and vicious but cute subliminals to all the rappers in houston that can't get the money like he does and hate him for it (cham, no one believes the stories about you turning down all those deals. copywrite will get a rocafella deal before you do). he'll condense all of his best lines and ideas into one perfect package. get ready. (and king of the streets dropped today, if you really want to get ready. but it probably sucks. )


paul wall and cham - i came to wreck -- it's not as funny and cute as most paul wall but it's the same basic p wall punchlines and stuff, "they bout as fly as a roasted duck / i'm comin so duck." and you can really hear the difference between paul and cham on this, paul going like deliberately too simple and cham going deliberately too twisted up and verbose.

mike jones, magno, michael watts -- yeah michael watts does a real verse on this!! "i'm michael 5000 from the swishahouse / my cash flow stretch from the north to the south / i know i'm not a rapper but i chop up beats / i'm in your main broad every day of the week....." and you get to hear second string swishahouse solja magno spit (22s on the avalanche, my wrist looking like an avalanche!! you ain't got leather like the cl bubble do, now you missing a girl like 3lw!!)

I will almost guarantee that Swisha House didn't get even close to $15 million esp. w/ Lyor running the show at W. Bros.
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the hypnotize minds deal that lyor just did for warner bros was supposedly multi-million dollar.
suckafree got like 22 mil off their deal! david banner got like 20 mil too, didn't he?
king of the streets is pretty ill actually but it's more like a best of.
Most figures quoted in the press for record deals are never accurate or are seriously misleading as to how much is actually being outlaid by the companies in question.
copywrite signing to roc-a-fella is actually pretty official. Bee-High(Bleek's managerm among others/Jay-Z's cousin, whom Jay credits for pushing him to take rap serious) I personally saw Copywrite backstage at the Jay-Z/R.Kelley best of both worlds show here in Columbus, Ohio. Copy was sopposed to rock onstage with Bleek,Freeway & Young Gunz but the crowd was wildin' out & throwing chairs all in the V.I.P. & that's were they would have been performing from. Bleek & the rest of the cats got paid, then bounced. Oh well. wanted to see copy rip the mic with the rest of the roc cats.also word is that Copy has deals on the table from atlantic & roc-a-fella....we'll see though
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