Saturday, September 04, 2004

(stolen from a message board post by "nupe03" without permission)

10 Facts About Chicago Hip Hop

1. JUICE beat Eminem in the 1997 Rap Olympics Finals.

2.Twista/a group called D 2 da S and the Ill State Assasins beefed with Naughty by nature in 1996 and released a single-"Dissing these Fools." It was dope. They also rushed a Naughty By nature concert here and assulted all the group members-it made the local news!

3.Common got sued and had 2 pay $25,000 plus drop the Sense off his name due to copyright infringement. A rock group owns the copyright.

4.Mobb Deep's last two albums were ghost produced by my guy Starchild from here----I never liked M.O.B.B. but this makes me hate them cuz he's not in the credits.

5.Kanye West was assulted at the E2 Memorial-the club where 22 people died trying to exit-- by former artists called the Concrete Mob for allowing Jay-Z to literlly copy one of their songs-thanks 2 Kanye.

6. No ID who produced G-Unit's "Smile" released an album w/ Dug Infinite called "The Black ALbum" in 1999 on relativity records and it only sold like 1,500 copies.

7. The first album Kanye produced songs on this cat named Grav-sold only 86 units and thus the label folded! THAT HURT! Al Tariq from the Beatnuts was on the label-I forget the name of it. (1997)

8. Anacron an underground m.c. from the Chi starred in a Lugz commercial via 1998 where he was in the bathroom urinating and Dr. Dre from yo MTV raps was tryin 2 look at his shoes but it appeared he was looking at his pee-pee.

9. Spray Paint was banned by Mayor Daley in 1998-thus writers went to the suburbs to get their cans and still bombed the city.

10. Chicago Hip Hop is only getting better with time.

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