Sunday, September 05, 2004

stack cheese, travel the world like tourists

firm fiasco
i don't feel like i'm equipped to listen to beautiful nyc rap anymore but i'm listening to the firm album right now. just this song mostly.
at the start there's sweeping strings and twinkling bells and nas talking like a gangster about wiseguys and tipping bartenders and the beat comes in and it sounds like the first gorillaz song with the zombie video and this crazy az verse that's really difficult and fast
two hundred fallen angels, ballin from every angle
heavy bag gold panamanian chains dangle
let's tangle, tabernacles,
elohim's comin at ya, fuck parables
a billion years bc, original black jews
cashews, honeynut roasted, let's kill the culprit
he owe shit, toe-to-toe when that fo-fo spit
like he doesn't know it's supposed to be a beautiful nyc gangster song on a dr dre beat. it sounds lame but it's sort of amazing.
let the dope pile, bet the god be around for awhile
firm islamic, hit the core of the earth just like a comet
and at the end he does his own fake goodfellas interlude talking about nas. "he was the type of guy who rooted for the bad guys in the movies. but hey....."
and nas has a pretty good verse about taking women to steakhouses and getting huge amounts of money. "dre made it qb to cawwwmmp-tawwwnnn."
foxy: "you know what, most hoes would have these cats a long time ago." popping or chopping every consonant, all kinds of saliva on the screen.
thirty second beat outro.

that's the big picture inside cd booklet. look at that.

I believe no doubt that Az flow was a little wack and too much, believe me. But Nas had a steady serene-like twist and the female on the track threw some crazy rhyme Foxy: whoever dare cross us, distorts of thoughts, across a bitch mind, pops his nine, leave 'em restin in pieces, and all my thorough bitches peep this, death before dishonor, school me on the dick game, laced me in Gabanna. I liked that shit, foreal. Foxy Brown gots the flow. Feel what they sayin. That is everyone except Az cause there was no steady sign of real logic.
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