Monday, September 27, 2004

So over the weekend Pastor Betha was a no show for his own welcome back concert, and the replacement headliners were the fucking goonie goo goo DIPSET! Definitely no coincidence there. Best part of that article, though, is the 2nd to last graph where Shaheem refers to one of Ja Rule's songs as a "humdinger". WTF? Josh (GN's liquorporn) was also trying to explain to me what was funny about this Terror Squad article, my guesses were "touch his chest" and the part where Fat Joe refers to himself in the 3rd person, but he was referring to the Armageddon quote "I got a group of chicks begging me".

Other juciest gossip this week is about how Chingy is splitting from Disturbing The Peace and fired his/Luda's manager, Chaka Zulu. Now what I'm hearing is that Luda's cleaning house now and firing everyone around him except Chaka, and dissolving DTP, although I assume he's still tight with everyone else in the clique. Kind of a weird time for it all to go down, though with Shawnna and I-20's albums about to drop. DTP never really had much of a group dynamic anyway, Golden Grain was a pretty boring album.

yeah golden grain was shit.

luda's all over i-20 and shawnna's joints, you sure he's droppin the whole crew?

seems more like chingy got a big head over his success.
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