Wednesday, September 08, 2004

scarface phone conversations #1,2 transcriptions from down with the king:

t.i.: ...they been putting one of my playa partners in the middle of this shit so i'm fitna holla at scarface, try clear the air about this little situation. hold on... eh, face, what's happenin man? what yall niggas doin?

scarface: man we just on the motherfuckin bus, man, just chillin. but man like i was saying yesterday man that shit there man. that shit there man-- that nigga.... you doing what's right man, you doing what's hood man.

t.i.: that nigga say he from your hood!

scarface: no, no-- you know, like-- i ain't never seen that nigga over there man! i swear man. and you know when i started-- you know when i started at sixteen though man, dude was riding but before then, like all those other niggas that claim cloverland like straight up man, like c-note out of cloverland, 3rd red out of cloverland-- but i.. ain't.. never.. seen.. this.. nigga.. before.. man!

t.i.: hehehe.... the nigga hiding behind you like he trying to put you against me, saying 'yeah man, you know scarface the king of the south.' you had me, like the nigga coppin deuces'--

scarface: you can't put me in that shit, bro! niggas can't hide behind me to do a motherfucking thing. niggas know what i am! that shit [something] to me, homie. you ain't never ever heard me say it! i don't want to be no king of nothing, feel me? nigga, you can have that shit. ... man, shit, i love that kinda shit! i love what it bring to the game.

t.i.: that's real.

scarface: i love it! but on the cooley high man, i just straight up with you, you my little nigga man. but i'm from round there... i'm from round.. that.. way.. and i ain't never ever ever ever ever.. ever ever.... never! i seen dude when he first started rhyming man--

t.i.: you say you ain't never ever ever ever?

scarface: ever ever ever ever!!

t.i.: so--

scarface: for real man!

t.i.: so this nigga ain't never been sighted in the cut nowhere man?

scarface: no-- the brick cut? oh no! and you know what dude, that's the motherfucking problem with the old niggas over there man. we like 'nigga, we stood out there in the motherfucking trenches nigga and dug.. that.. shit.. up!'

t.i.: yeah!

scarface: you know what i mean?

t.i.: for another nigga to come and rep it half-assed and get credit for it...

scarface: yeah, but shit that's just how the game go man.... if it sell, fuck it!

t.i.: yeah!

scarface: but me, i'm just more real-- i'm just real.

t.i.: vice-versa, shorty, vice-versa.

scarface: niggas talking out there on the motherfuckin cut for real, and swangin-- i did it when it wasn't cool to do it!

t.i: that's right.

scarface: i did it when it wasn't cool to do it and talk about it!

t.i.: that's real.

scarface: i ain't start talking about it til i got all the way out of it.

t.i.: yeah... that's the way a nigga supposed to do it... i might have started talking a little too early...

scarface: [wheezy old man laughter breaking into coughing] yeah...

t.i.: but i'm all the way up out of there now though...

scarface: yeah, that's really hood man. but like i said tip man, i love what this did to the game man.

t.i.: when the game needed you, you were there. so, who am i to say no?

scarface: [wheezy old man laughter and cellphone static] you so right man! but for you to reach out to me man, letting me know what's going on, that's even bigger!

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