Friday, September 17, 2004

release date: September 28th

01. Dear Father w/ Res
02. Back Up Off Me
03. Broken Glass
04. I Try w/ Mary J. Blidge
05. A Game
06. Around My Way w/ John Legend
07. We Know w/ Faith Evans
08. We Got the Beat w/ Res
09. Work It Out
10. Ghetto Show w/ Anthony Hamilton & Common
11. Black Girl Pain w/ Jean Grae
12. Never Been In Love
13. Beautiful Struggle
14. Rock On

That's the official tracklist (as far as I know), forget all the bootlegs. I'm glad he scrapped a lot of the songs from the early version and did some new stuff, I wasn't really feeling most of the stuff that leaked. I wish he did some joints for the album with the people he's been doing stuff with on mixtapes this year, like Styles P. and Fabolous and The Game and Killer Mike and Busta, it'd be more interesting to have some of those guys on a Kweli album. I knew "Lonely People" wouldn't make the cut, what's the point of even doing a song with a blatant Beatles sample that's either impossible or way too expensive to clear? I'm still not crazy about "I Try" as the first single, but Kweli never seems to have good first singles anyway. "Ghetto" should be better with Anthony Hamilton on it, if he becomes the go-to guy for hooks after "Why" I'd have no problem with that. I'm a little mad that "Peace Of Mind" (his single from the Building, Vol. 1 compilation) isn't on it, that's probably the best new Kweli song I've heard so far this year. "Around My Way" was originally a Jim Jones song on a Diplomats mixtape last year, but then suddenly Kweli and John Legend were on Chappelle's Show doing a song with the same "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" sample, so maybe Kanye jacked the idea or something. (The new Mos Def album is dropping 2 weeks after Kweli's, so I'm worried that Beautiful Struggle will be overshadowed by The New Danger, like when Quality was released around the same time as the Roots and Common put out albums and it seemed to be overshadowed by those. But fuck Mos, I've always liked Kweli better. Maybe Mos's album will be good too, hell, maybe he'll even be a good Ford Prefect, but for now, my attitude is Fuck Mos.)

I saw kweli do the "every little thing" beat jack track at a show last year. I think it's old.

does kanye really even fuck with jim jones?
I don't think Kanye did the Jim Jones track, but they both use the piano sample in the same way and interpolate the vocal melody from the verses of the Police song for the hook in the same way, so it seems like it's more than a coincidence, whichever came first.
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