Wednesday, September 15, 2004

R. Kelly and Jay-Z - "Don't Let Me Die"

They played this like four times in a row when they premiered it on the radio last Thursday, no joke. The way it starts kind of reminds me of "Jesus Walks" with the ominous harmonies and R. talking about war and then a hard march of a beat. Kells sounds almost like he's crying, talking to God, sounding more and more frantic with every line, saying stuff like "worse than the war in Iraq when it's me against I" and "every time I look in the mirror my reflection is Uncle Sam". Seriously, WTF. And Hov comes in all foreboding and businesslike, saying "the British are coming" for some reason. Based on the subject matter, it sounds like it could be an outtake from U Saved Me, but there's another new Jigga/Kelly track called "The Return", so it's possible they're gonna do another whole album together. (What ever happened to Best Of Both Worlds 2 with R. and Baby? I mean, it sounded like a pretty terrible idea to begin with but it just kind of disappeared after being talked about for a while.

Lil Mo f/ Lil Wayne - "Hot Girls"

I haven't heard the version with Fabolous, but when Mo came to 92Q to deliver the song personally a couple weeks ago, the one she played had Weezy on it instead, working the labelmate connection and the hot girls/Hot Boyz theme. I don't know which version will be the official first single from Syndicated: The Lil Mo Hour, though. She's got Fab's number on speed dial, anyway, I'm sure she'll throw him on another song or two.

Ja Rule f/ Fat Joe and Jadakiss - "New York"

FIRE, although it's not on the tracklistings for R.U.L.E. that I've seen, which have different seperate Kiss and Joey Crack features. I like how they take turns doing the hook, so you get to hear each voice's take on it, although Ja's sounds the best, and Joe has the best verse, boasting that he stepped his game up so much that people think he found Pun's rhyme book, etc.

yeah they're reissuing best of both worlds: unfinished business, and apparantly they have so many new songs it might be a double album
I really enjoy this site. Really interesting picks and good writing. Keep up the good work...Mp3s would be great for us backwards folx that suck at tracking stuff down online, though! - M@tt He1ges0n
I'm not that tech-savvy either, I don't download most of the stuff I write about. but we've thought about adding an mp3 section...LC told me he was working on somewhere where we can upload stuff, so that might happen soon.
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