Thursday, September 23, 2004

- picture of set! speed! crew! (whenever i say the name i imagine a

scratchy cut-up of oldschool rap djs saying each word.... SET! SPEED!

taken at southland mall wal-mart photostudio, regina, saskatchewan

- dancehall nite at 777 every wednesday
row of warehouses with big metal doors/signs
dirt parking lot across the street right by the railyard
parked in front:
dolphin shaped dolphin colored bmw coupes with tops down
thick eyebrowed 5-series
ivory monte carlos with chrome grills and t tops
black denalis on factory rims
the dancefloor is supposed to look like a moon
it's scuffed up but it still looks cool, sort of pale yellow
the club used to be called texas moon and played country music
dancehall nite is the best and the busiest time
the blackest prettiest girls under red lights
hair all braided and shirts showing off a soft crescent of bottom belly skin bright orange/yellow/green and escorted by boys with gold rimmed glasses and ironnned shirts
mid 30s jamaican guys with trimmed beards plaid polo shirts and khaki shorts leaning against rail around dancefloor while their wives dance with other wives in bright blowy blouses and high skirts especially to the token soca records that are all about tasting your mangos
middle manager looking guys who check their suit jackets
and the cowboyhatted secretaries that rub up on them and teach them how to dance
kneesock robotic japanese girls from the university with expensive purses clustered in clumsily armdancing groups
goofy energetic white dudes in lacoste shirts drunk and jumping up on shit to dance and everyone cheering them on except their girlfriends leaning against a pillar with a black adidas tracksuit jacket baggy jeans and a wool rastafarian hat
serious real gangsta native boys and men that might be indian posse and run the kids that run the shadows beside abandoned hood buildings and bicycle deliver sets to anyone that doesn't want to leave their home with dark satin jackets from their reserve over crisp white undershirts and red rags under orioles caps-- tucked into the half circle padded booths along one wall
pretty girls in skirts beside them that will be driven home in brown 84 cadillac fleetwoods to tiny houses with blacked out windows and tenfoot high chainlink fences

- dour, holding record
i think that dude's from ghana or something
top left, pointing at photographer
he works at his dad's car dealership
used cars, two lots, one in regina and one in saskatoon
speaks english with french accent
big serious eyes and skinny arms
in white rag, pointing at dude's shirt
he's in an r&b group called meloxie too
they did a show with sean paul and baby blue soundcrew
he goes to scott collegiate
white guy
he's the dj
looks like the guy from the royal tenenbaums, the guy that plays tennis
pinwheel hat, pulling on shirt
we see him driving his tiny brand new silver tercel with black hubs in
square circuits around north central
we sold him a pound for 1600 and he said it was already sold before he even got it and bought another a week later

- when they come in they're wearing all white
those set speed shirts and white on white reebok hightops
giving dap and little hugs to the other people in the city that are doing things
on stage sorting out microphones and laughing
rapping over instrumentals everyone knows with new choruses about weed or girls or doing bad

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