Wednesday, September 08, 2004

now, t.i. and lil 3rd the disgruntled "original leprechaun":

lil 3rd: hello?

t.i.: can i speak to 3rd?

lil 3rd: [sound suspicious and like t.i. got him out of bed] yo, who this?

t.i.: what's happening, homie. this t.i.p. out the a.

lil 3rd: what's up, boy?

t.i.: ain't nothing much. face just gave me your number. i was just reaching out to you, homie.

lil 3rd: already... what it is?

t.i.: nothing much man. shit-- really-- i'm really just trying to reach out and connect with all the real niggas out of texas, out the southside, niggas who i really have relationships with. and face, he pointed me in your direction, said you was the real thorough nigga out of cloverland.

lil 3rd: yeah man, nigga just keeping it one hundred out here. that nigga-- he really-- he ain't even from cloverland man. [they give away the fact that the call is partly staged by 3rd talking about flip with no prompting.]

t.i.: where buddy from?

lil 3rd: ehhhh... that's what i'm trying to figure out!

t.i.: eh man the nigga hiding behind them four leaf clovers and that leprechaun suit for real, like yall--

lil 3rd: it's like the nigga used cloverland, screwed up click to get where he wanted to get, like he used a nigga to blow up. that's how i feel the nigga done the shit. but i been [something] a nigga up, like 9-9, 2000, i big faced, [something], i done everything. the nigga ain't wanna do nothing man... nigga stuck in the chair, he ain't no street cat though. dude ain't never touched the street. nothing! [t.i. laughs gently here and at several points throughout 3rd's rant] i'm talking about what he's trying to say, look at this nigga man. he out here on the streets on these records talking like he's a g and then get up on that mic and say anything. you know he gonna tuck his tail when it hit the fan though! ain't no street nigga. how nigga ain't gonna move a brick, or sold a five dollar rock, ain't never bust a gun. this nigga a real pussy, hiding behind a nigga hood, niggas really get they head bust for that. but a nigga out here trying to get this paper baby. and all the clover gs is botany boys nigga! you ain't no botany boy, you ain't no motherfucking clover g! botany is cloverland!

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