Saturday, September 18, 2004

i got a mil on it

the game dissing motherfucking yukmouth on the i got 5 on it beat!! i guess the story is that yukmouth was down with bang em smurf and domination and there was some video of yukmouth talking down on g-unit and game. game ran into yukmouth at a club and asked if they had a problem and he said they were cool, then game's brother started talking shit about yukmouth, i guess. yukmouth supposedly rolled up forty deep to the jim jones/game certified gangstas video, too.

he's so all over the place, he can sound really awkward and ugly on a track and then do stuff like this where his flow is tight and he's got all these deadly quotable lines. how you call yourself the icecream man / when master p took your name and your icecream van?

and now:

game over

yukmouth dissing game on the let me in beat!! he's going crazy on it too, furious, shouting. he's got lots of material to work with because game is sort of silly and might not be a real blood and posts disses to respected and thorough west coast niggas on his messageboard and had a tongue ring and went on dating shows and had yellow hair and got slapped by suge knight. but game's still got the first round.

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