Sunday, September 05, 2004

government names wishes rappers would just go track for track again, put all the effort into a couple tracks, instead of launching gay mixtape smear campaigns. this has three phone conversations with hump on it! three with scarface, too, which might be interesting cause flip was making sure he said at the end of every track and interview "...but we all know scarface is the real king of the south." and he recruits lil 3rd, the dude that dissed flip for allegedly stealing his leprechaun nickname (shit he's not a real king or a real leprechaun....what else did he lie about?) and there's the mediocre disses and dipset tracks (the same two i just wrote about even!)

government names is down with flip forever, no matter how much he keeps falling off. fuck t.i.

(i heard that paul wall had a falling out with p$c over the flip beef, which is why he isn't anywhere on the cd. fuck t.i.)

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