Sunday, September 12, 2004

crunk yankers

HotelOpera: I wonder how Face feels about T.I. going after his cash cow Luda
BOTF: call up t.i. and tell him you heard flip say soemthing about his mama
HotelOpera: hahaha
BOTF: you can be on the next mixtape!
HotelOpera: T.I. is the Jerky Boys of the south
HotelOpera: they should do a whole episode of Crank Yankers based on that P$C mixtape
BOTF: heheh
HotelOpera: a scarface puppet would look so ill
BOTF: haha wprd
BOTF: maybe luda can make it happen
HotelOpera: haha yeah
HotelOpera: oh my god i want to do puppet versions of every cheesy phone tap beef now
HotelOpera: like that LL/Canibus call
HotelOpera: and Benzino and Em's manager
HotelOpera: god that would be hilarious
BOTF: wooord

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