Thursday, September 30, 2004

cormega, the bay and cars, murder dog:

Was going to the Bay something new for you?

Hell yeah! It was definitely something new for me because I seen how niggaz was livin. Let me tell you how the average nigga thinks. When I used to watch videos and see niggaz from California with the old muscle cars in the videos I used to think they was bums. I used to think that's the only car they had. But when I came out to the Bay niggaz put me on the game. A nigga might have an old '69 Camaro that costs $40,000. He might have spent $20,000 just on the engine. Since I came home, I got me a Camaro now. I got me a 64 now. Them niggaz put me on muscle cars and shit like that.

Why don't people from New York fuck with classic cars?

Because niggaz don't know the world. Niggaz fuck with regular shit like Benz. They fuck with what everyone else has.

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