Sunday, September 05, 2004

buy the crime mob cd

that's a subwoofer. boom boom boom.
on headphones: little barely audible blomps of bass you hear under ticks of clicky clacky southern drums and spooky triple six keyboard sounds.
with a big speaker making bass in your trunk: huge fucking cannons of asshole shattering bass. not even any secondary sustaining bass to hold the song together, it's all big motherfucker explosions. it's the most violent shit ever. just exploding and shit and it sounds so militant and not musical at all, just shells going off behind you and rocking up through gas pedal and seatback and shaking the rearview/side mirrors and vibrating the air between the ceiling of your hat and the uncompressed hair under it. and goofy dudes with unlaced filas and kneelength white tees (refer to cover) and gully bitches (on the cover they're wearing white lowtop tennis shoes, one has a denim skirt and the other has dark blue jeans rolled up her calves, and they both have the same tight strapless shirts but in different colors) rapping about tearing clubs up and holding down the trap.
a guy named lil jay made all the beats except for three. all the ones he didn't make are the ones that aren't that good, except the lil jon one which is pretty hot.
my favorite song is you got ana.

stiletto pumps in the hood
who would have thought that these girls would get crunk
we rockin stilettos!
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