Thursday, September 02, 2004

Beatnuts f/ Akon - "Find Us"

When it came on the radio last night at first I thought it was something local, mainly because the beat sounds kinda like B Rich's "Woah Now", but after I recognized Akon's voice on the hook I figured out what it was and was pleasantly surprised, since the couple other tracks I'd already heard off the new Beatnuts were disappointingly boring. But this is pretty great, especially for the chant of "you're an alcoholic" at the beginning, which I almost wish was the real hook of the song.

Twista f/ Ludacris and Ice Shuler - "Higher" (remix)

A new version of maybe my favorite song from Kamikaze! Check it out in RealAudio while the link's still up on Basically just the same verses over a sparklier beat and different hook, but it's good.

Lloyd - "Hey Young Girl"

Every time there's an R&B video where the song is all romantic and midtempo and then suddenly there's a dance break over a random faster beat or a different song from the album and then it jolts back to the main song (Ginuwine used to do a lot of these), I kinda wish that's how the real song went, with the weird tempo changes. Well that's what this is like, someone finally did a song like that! The best part is when the random big thumping beat from the midsection comes back in at the end and he sings the chorus over it.

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hey, when did the beatnutz drop an album, i havent heard of a track from them for a minuite
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