Wednesday, August 18, 2004

A Rough Guide To DJ Rod Lee the Baltimore Club King's (a) club classics and (b) outside productions:

"Feel Me"
"Where You From"
"Let It Go"
"Latin Groove"
"You Ain't Shit!!!"
"Hey Riders"
"I'm A Freak"
Bossman - "Baltimore"
Mully Man f/ the Clipse and Fam-Lay - "Got It"
Q - "No"
Tim Trees - "Bankrolls"
Davon f/ Tim Trees - "Be Your Friend"
Davon f/ Tim Trees - "Be Your Friend" remix
Paula Campbell f/ Tim Trees - "How Does It Feel"

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where can i download or buy the dj rod lee and bossman song - baltimore oh. I also heard a song on 92q i think its called we did it.
Rod Lee
Vol. 5: The Official CD

available tomorrow in stores and online at: (we're working on the order page right now)

follow this link to check it out now and order tomorrow:
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