Monday, August 23, 2004

John Legend - "Used To Love U"

An early version was on I'm Good over a year ago, but now it's getting a proper release as the first single from John's LP Get Lifted, dropping in October. The new version is more or less the same, with some parts re-recorded and added. I'm not crazy about the synth horns, but the Miri Ben-Ari violins are a nice touch. It's got the "Get By" drums that I wish Kanye used more, probably the best JL solo track I've heard to date, but I dunno how well it will do as a single. But by and large the Legend stuff is better than most of the R&B stuff Kanye's been doing since he blew up, so I have high hopes for it. When they were in town a couple weeks ago for the Usher tour, JL was on the radio to push the song and tell people who he is and sang bits of all the hits he wrote or did hooks on, and the only one that I didn't know was that he did those amazing background "ooh"s on "You Don't Know My Name". He also revealed that because of some copyright issues they might have to change the name of Kanye's label Very Good Music to some cheesy acronym like G.O.O.D. (Gettin' Out Out Dreams).

Lil Flip f/ Lea - "Sunshine" remix

Same vocals over the Herb Alpert/"Hypnotize" beat, which is the exact same thing Musiq did on a remix on the Johnson Family Vacation sdtk a few months ago. Is the idea here that now that Irv Gotti has stopped recycling '90's Bad Boy beats everyone else gets to take turns doing it?

Ness - "My Hood"

Haha, this is the song that Diddy told Ness was "crazy" in the elevator on that one episode of Making The Band 2! You only get to hear a few seconds of it on the show, so it was cool to hear it in full on the radio just now. It is kinda hot, but it's funny to think that this is the stuff that made Diddy want to break up Da Band and take Ness solo. Even when Dofat's beats are good, they still kinda sound like something someone did on Fruityloops and uploaded to their Soundclick page.

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