Friday, August 27, 2004

Jadakiss f/ Styles P., Common, Nas and Anthony Hamilton - "Why" remix

I love how it starts, with the weird filter on Anthony's voice and then that skronky synth intro that always sounded out of place on the oroginal but I gradually came to love, and a new flip on the beat with harder drums, and SP coming as hard as I wish he did on "Locked Up" and then a new version of the hook. Even Common brings his A game, especially "why ain't Rick James remembered for classic hits, why do we remember Rick for smackin' a bitch?" And Nas, don't even get me started. Why can't every remix kill it like this!?

Mannie Fresh - "Real Big"

First single from the solo album!!! Exactly what I hoped it would be, like a fast silly Big Tymers jam with no Baby, instead of like every Cash Money single of the past year that's had Mannie doing those monotonous hooks and overblown intros that got less funny every time you heard them and all the sub-Timbaland fake vocal scratching fricky-fricky "frih-uh-fresh" stuff. The best part is when he brags about having a fish tank in the dash.

D12 - "Git Up"

I always kind of dug the little snippet at the end of the video for the awful "How Come", so it was cool the other night to see a full video for this on BET Uncut, the weird lighting and them in front of the screens goes great with the sound of the song, I don't even know how to describe the beat, clicky clacky but in this noisy hyper way that I love, I want to hear more beats like that. Em's been doing that grunting phlegmatic voice so much lately that I'm starting to like it, especially when he's just doing that weird singsong like he really doesn't give a fuck, "bananas in our flannels, hands around our colt handles, hold them like roman candles, vannas vo vannas, banana fanna fo fannas, who come back all bananas, banana clips loaded" etc.

D12 - "Git Up"

Ahhh.. your blowin me with this.. for the simple fact that I can't find my D12 CD to listen to it. This is a tight ass intro to a great CD
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