Sunday, August 08, 2004


get wild with it ft. ying yang twins -- hey it's awesome slithery bleats and big warcraft cutscene keyboard stuff and a whole layer of ying yang twins noise and sneaker squeaks and fast bounce drums and it samples the nolia clap ALRIGHT voice and it's hard as fuck and everyone is really filthy and angry.

factory ft. hakim, gar, and sniper -- ex-hot boy bragging about riding on factory rims! "took the chrome off all my whips and put em back on factory." sort of expanding on his ten lacs > one maybach idea he was talking about on the mixtapes. and weird chinesey beat that sounds like down in the clover and has beautiful delicate panpipe flutes. (gar and sniper are nice as fuck too!! on this song and on the rest of the tracks they're on. hakim is okay.)

rollin in my cadillac -- a duet with the scary satan voice three six mafia used to always use, employed to retch on the hook about rolling in a cadillac with car accident sound effects. and bg talking about going back to the streets and how baby fucked him over and how he's rolling in his cadillac.

like that ft. soulja slim -- it's sounds a lot like slow motion, which is okay. bg talks nfl teams + girls and slim does the hook and a verse about what sort of girls he likes.

street niggas ft. ti -- i posted about this before but i only heard the truncated version on southern smoke 11 that only has bg's verse and half of ti's. it's an amazing track. it's all about that subdued plastic beat but it's all about the two realest niggas in the south going one after another on it. bg does plain bg realness and ti sounds so fucking serious and dusty and tired and absolutely kills it. you get to hear ti's version of the hook and the two of them talking shit over the outro where most of the beat gets stripped away and there's just the pumping keyboard swooshes and bumps.

"i tell you what, if i come to the trap when there's a drought in new orleans, i need you to put me on."
"it's all good!"
"cause if there's a drought in the trap, you can come to new orleans, i got a spot for you."
"hey man. you already know, pimp. i'ma take you up on that offer man whenever this rap shit slow down, ya understand?"

my life -- so, he tells his story over a weird fake 1999 timbaland beat. getting kicked out of school, selling dope, meeting baby and his boys, meeting wayne, his dad getting killed, his habit, selling a lot of records, getting clean, going back to the streets.

"i was born 1980, september third / that's the day checks come out and fiends get served / so you know i got the blood of a hustler in my veins / my daddy had three brothers that all gave me some game / they was raised in the projects, i was born in the hood / i was raised on the block, my mom did what she could / always got what i needed, sometimes i got a little more / but i grew up watchin gs on the set gettin dough"

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