Sunday, August 15, 2004

Freeway presents: Ice City - Welcome To The Hood
out 8/24/04 on Sure Shot Records

1. Welcome To The Hood f/Shena Grier (produced by Diverse)
2. U Talk It, I Live It f/Freeway (produced by Francise)
3. Ride Up f/ Freeway & Joe Budden (produced by 100 Milez)
4. They Ain't Ride'N (produced by Tekneek)
5. Lock It Down f/Freeway (produced by Trackademiks)
6. Grind That Stuff (produced by Tekneek)
7. Thru My Rearview (produced by Gooch)
8. Money Makes The World Go Round f/Freeway (produced by Tekneek)
9. The Boy's Not Playin' (produced by Moshe)
10. 1000 Bars (produced by Trackademiks)
11. The Hood Is Crazy (produced by Tekneek)
12. Want You Back f/Freeway & Shena Grier (produced by Diverse)
13. I'll Take Your Lady f/Peedi Crakk (produced by Chad Hamilton)
14. Philly Niggas f/Freeway & Oschino (produced by Chad Hamilton)
15. Da Boyz f/Freeway (produced by 100 Milez)

When I first heard about Ice City I was given the impression that Free and Peedi were full members, which got me kind of excited, since they're my 2 favorite members of State Property anyway, even if it not being on the Roc means no Just Blaze, who was one of the main reasons I enjoyed Philadelphia Freeway (although there are some tracks by Chad Hamilton, who did the fantastic "Parade" on the Young Gunz album). But now it looks like they're both only featured in a guest capacity (although of course Free is on half the songs). Of the songs I've heard so far, "Ride Up" is by far the best, more for the awesome TV cop drama-esque beat and Free's squawky hook than the boring Budden verse (Freeway really should voice a parrot in some kind of animated feature, he's kind of like the Gilbert Gottfried of rap anyway. Well not really, I'm sure someone else fits that description better.) "U Talk It, I Live It" is boring, and I have another one that's ok that's called "Blood" that I guess either isn't on the album or the title was changed.

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