Tuesday, August 10, 2004

(1995 acura legend)


"lay up in miami with tamyka and tammy / some creole c.o. bitches i met on tour / pushed a peach legend coupe, gold teeth galore" - you're nobody til somebody kills you

"fillin clips, he explained our situation / precisely, so we know exactly what we facin / some kid named jason in a honda station wagon" - somebody's gotta die

"today's agenda: got the suitcase up in the sentra / go to room 112, tell em blanco sent ya" - niggas bleed

"check the pain i inflict, like a convict, the fulton digger / jump in the acura vigor, after I stick ya" - hope you niggas sleep

"i like to max in maximas and acuras / your girl buttcheeks, i'm smackin her" -
let me get down

"pimpin hoes that drive volvos and rodeos / flash the roll, make her wet in her pantyhose" - to all my niggas

"i creep deep with killers without million dollar figures / blessing niggas in ac legends and vigors / cream lizards, cream coogis, i do my duty" - still can't stop the reign

(1992 infiniti q45, 20" giovanna spinners)

"quick to grab the right bitch and make her drive / the q45, glocks and tecs are expected when I wreck shit" - ready to die

"drive a benz or miata" - get money remix

"women spinning in 929 mazdas, tammy and natasha / the menage a trois around my waist" - oh my lord (chamillionaire drives a mazda 929, too! and the first car my parents bought after they were married was a white 1986 626 lx turbo coupe. it was beautiful and fast as fuck.)

"man listen all this walking is hurting my feet / but money looks sweet (where at!) in the isuzu jeep" - gimme the look

(1995 toyota landcruiser)

"cause i'm knee-deep in the beats / in the land cruiser jeep with the mack 10 by the seats" - machine gun funk

"thinking back on my one room shack / now my mom pimps a ac with minks on her back" - juicy

"had to re-up, see what's up with my peeps / toyota deal-a-thon had it cheap on the jeeps" - everyday struggle

"original hustler with the muffler on the tec / respect to the macks and the acs / to the freaks in the jeeps, lick shots to my peeps" - respect

"it ain't nothin, they know big be handlin / with the mack in the ac door paneling," "mad tricks up the sleeve, wear boxers so my dick can breathe / breeze through in the q45" - unbelievable

now I'm tryan picture Biggie in a Miata. fucked up.
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