Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Olivia f/ 50 Cent - "Cloud 9"

Olivia was introducted onstage at Summer Jam by 50 as "the first lady of G-Unit", and I guess he meant the label and not the group, since there hasn't been any talk about her being added to G-Unit like Game was, although it'd be kind of funny if 50 just kept more and more adding random people to the group, a southern MC, a west coast MC, and now an R&B singer. She's in the "Smile" video, too, apparently. Anyway this song is pretty good, I used to roll my eyes whenever G-Unit kicked a soft R&B jam, but now I'm used to it. The whole first minute is all 50, then he turns it over to Olivia for the rest of the song. The bridge kind of comes out of nowhere and is by far the best part.

Lloyd Banks f/ Young Buck and Tity Boi - "Keepin' It Hood"

This isn't on Hunger For More. On mixtapes it's billed as "f/ DTP", which is erroneous because there's no Luda or Shawnna or I-20, it took me a couple listens to realize out that there's only one guy besides Lloyd and Buck, and a couple more to figure out that it's Tity Boi, who does the first verse and the hook. Buck's verse is boring and then Lloyd drops in with this low, nasty sing-song "clear the area, I'm'a let the cannon blow" part that sounds unbelievably cool before settling into a more typical verse.

Game f/ Dr. Dre, Jay-Z and Cash - "Get Your Money Right"

Coming out the gate with two A-list features on one track, this is pretty anticlimactic, Dre and Jay starting it off boring as hell. I can't figure out if Cash's hook is cool in this nervous, overflowing way, or if it's just annoying. This might be pretty old, since Game's verse references Detox and Blueprint 2.

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