Monday, July 05, 2004

master p - good side / bad side- everyone wishes they could coach their favorite rappers when they have to make an album. ("flip, fuck this heatmakerz shit!! stop returning cam'ron's calls and lose jim jones' number. and who the fuck said you couldn't talk about ice no more?? at least half of the album needs to be about ice!") this is the p album that does everything you want it to do. p is a great rapper but he's also a one hot album every ten years average dude, so this is really good. | them jeans was disappointing as hell. fake lil jon (myke diesel did them jeans and most of the tracks on here and he's actually really good and very important and does fake lil jon way better than he did on them jeans) with gay slide whistle sounds and p's lame i'm not bill cosby but i like jello pudding thing. crunk p sounded like the worst thing ever. he's supposed to use smooth, cheap beats that make his voice sound even filthier than it is. but then he went on rap city, hit the booth and came with some street shit and his leathery old face (in the cover/inside pictures he's all digitally smoothed and scrubbed, looking like he's 17) and act a fool ("the king of crunk and the don of rowdy music!!!!") came out and had a really throwed video and it was about how he's still a thug and then the album was all about the same thing and he's really actually still a thug and he can still rap and all his songs aren't about how it used to suck to be a thug and shit anymore, they're about selling dope and having soldiers that don't run to the cops. the best songs are: who them boyz - real lil jon with toned down trillville spaciness and p all grimy and his voice sounding ice cream man filthy and c-murder (hold the block down!! we get paper, whodie, even on lockdown) with a prison phone verse and liberty (yo tell liberty some girl out here for her!!) with some dirty girly verse that sounds amazing | it's a drought - gee! i had that "it's a drought but we got dope we got dope we got dope it's a drought but we got dope and it's gon cost you more" nursery rhyme dope slanger hook in my head all day yesterday. p is super grimy and perfect. | 20 on cars 26 on trucks - i was expecting it to be the only real car song on the album but it's totally not about cars at all! curren$y talks about how rich he is but only mentions one car. romeo does a bit better and i didn't realize it was him until he said something about getting busted for being underage but he only mentions two cars and rims once. p says he has two maybachs. liberty (no limit girls ball like the wnba!!) doesn't get specific but she's so good it doesn't matter. and that beat is so good it doesn't matter. and curren$y's hook is so good it doesn't matter. | thug and get paper - it's on some old no limit thing, sad thug p with those snappy drums and lowkey spookiness and a great silkk verse (there aren't any oldschool no limit guys on it except for silkk and afficial and curren$y [he sounds more like ma$e than anyone in the world] and liberty get way more verses, but at least there aren't any shitty 504 boys on it) | but they're all good.

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