Wednesday, July 14, 2004

juve, wacko and skip - don't start -- all the songs on the utp album have the same sort of hazy sci-fi beats that don't sound like they're from anywhere in particular. don't start uses the same whistle that nolia clap has on the hook and the same strumming sound, the same clapping thing and it's almost way better in every way. skip fucking attacks the first verse because his voice is flat and not exciting at all and he's just a good rapper and wacko tries to do some deliberate nyc banger sort of flow that's easy to illustrate with hand movements but breaks down and slurs all over the end and juve is so perfect at doing things he's really well at and sings and croaks the start of his verse before he stops and starts rapping properly.

lil flip - sunshine -- they gave him a step your rap game up for that spoil you like milk line!! that's a great flip line, classic flip! all of oldschool flip's cutest lines are about girls. i wouldn't have been mad if he had just done an album of these songs or at least cut half of the terrible new angry flip shit in favor of them. he actually sounds like lil flip on this! it gives me that fuzzy lil flip feeling and makes me feel optimistic. (the dark girl who hands flip her number before his girl comes to pick him up was number five on my top ten video girls list. and it has the two twins from that slum village/kanye video with the pageant thing.)

bun b and young geezy - over here -- "strictly for the trap! the dope boys, nigga! the gangstas! i know yall been working some long days in the trap, nigga! so at the end of the night, it's time to ball!" and it's just skittery plain atl stuff and young geezy is okay but bun is the greatest rapper of all time and spits some old fashioned old man d boy shit, "i got a stable full of hoes and a trap full of dealers / a house full of guns and a click full of killers / i'm heavy in the street with a rep long as something / i hit a hater with the heat from a cold gat (BLAT) / we posted up on the block like a streetlight / watchin the money move, makin sure i eat right / dollar for dollar and dime for dime / we out here hustle for hustle, grind for grind"

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