Friday, July 09, 2004

for the streets and all the real kings in the south, dj screw, face, bun, pimp c, lil jon, 8ball and mjg (who else??), pat, three six (memphis!!) trick, p, c-note, juvie, all my down south niggas! still the freestyle king, still doing it in the south

not you, nigga? what? (what?)
like i said, 'get out my face-- you a hoe' (hoe)
talk behind my back-- but i know (know)
(stop) hold up and let me lay my game down flat
i was havin beef before you ever did a song
took a hit like pac and still stayed strong
movin with: s.u.c., face and fat pat
dimes in the trap while i was 'i can do that'
went platinum off one video? i did that!
neptunes and beenie and you still fell flat
i'm serious, you a joke! (haha)
rubberband man, get shot up like the taliban
my hood got more guns than afghanistan
'king of the south' (no!) ain't king of nowhere
face still the king, nigga, you came outta thin air
two years ago ain't nobody wanna fuck with you
holla'd at me in dallas and i stuck with you
introduced you to paul and everybody up from my city
two years later and you tryna do me shitty (why?)
i'm reppin the south until the day that i die
if you look me in the eyes you can tell that i'm high
you can talk that talk but you can't walk that walk
when it's time to ride, nigga, i won't get caught
you spent the night in jail and talked and talked (why!)
you remembered the fame, named the names and walked
i drop hit after hit with three six and banner
and niggas always show respect when i hit atlanta
keep rhymin bout rocks and keep sellin them cars
talk about me again and i ain't fuckin with 16 bars


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