Friday, July 09, 2004

boring vs. mediocre.

flip and ti! luda and ti! yo gotti and triple six! wayne and tha sqad! and now chamillionaire and mike jones!

supposedly off some thing with mike jones throwing salt in cham's game-- that's what cham says. and mike jones says cham has been talking down on him (when he got asked what he thought about mike jones, cham paused and said "good promoter." oooooohh....)

cham was talking for a minute about how he had beef with someone and how he was going to reveal it all on his new album and everyone just assumed it was his estranged patna paul wall, who kind of shitted on cham by jumping back to swishahouse without telling him. cham kept saying he was cool with paul but shit wasn't the same. but all along it was-- who? mike jones.

why chamillionaire is better and will destroy mike jones:

a while ago ethan was trying to get me into boring punchline rappers and making me listen to shit like copywrite and, like, camu tao and dudes like that. i'd never really heard it before and the first thing i thought of was cham. he's totally the southern version of boring punchline rappers. i tried to explain this and quoted a bunch of lines from the instant replay freestyle on the nba on nbc beat, which is crammed totally full of beautifully awkward punchliney stuff: "not streetballers tryna hoop, throwin up shots in the paint / more like jackers tryna jack, shootin shots in ya paint / street ballers slam dunk and try to take off the rim / while jackers jack cadillacs and try to take off the rims" (that's actually the best part, there's stuff that's really lame and corny but i didn't want to quote that right now). and he told me it was the worst shit he ever heard! but, still, cham has the same devoted fans that love him for the same reason people love boring punchline rappers from new york, i think. he's the savior of the true lyrical thing, ready to defend it from mushmouthed catchphrasers like wack-ass mike jones, who can't stop repeating his name, rank and serial number five times a verse. cham will rip this clown in sixteen and keep hustling.

why mike jones is better and will destroy chamillionaire:

mike jones is the best out of houston since lil flip fell off like a motherfucker. he's got the perfect balance between everything cute, popular houston rappers should have, the goofy flow and he can jump on any beat ever (hear his paid in full flow on his website, just let the front page open), and every verse is dripping candy paint and purple sprite and-- whatever. there's a reason he's fitna blow right now. he is a good promoter ("running da game just offa sayin my name!"), like cham said, but he's the real deal. he doesn't even need to respond, cham will be a nobody in a year and a half.--

nah, just kidding, i'm riding with cham. cop that mixtape messiah, dropping this week!

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