Tuesday, May 18, 2004


john doe ft. nature - if i should die -- i love this song. he has this voice that's all deep and sort of husky and supposed to remind you of lots of things, i guess. it's really strong and he can sing hooks in his strong, sweet voice. and it's about hustling and he's really serious and it's all dark and he quotes nas and yeah timbaland on the beat too, some supa dupa fly real hip hop thing with extra spooky/pensive/slow and still timbaland, though, and yeah nature really nice on the closeout verse, "i even passed out samples when the work was cheap/turned little kids into guinea pigs/turned big kids into skinny kids." (i'd love to make someone a tape with the next song being where i'm from with graph from the new lil flip [i feel silly being all dismissive about him and calling him the southern cam'ron but loving the boringest new yorkest song more than anything else on it]).

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