Sunday, May 30, 2004

i used to ride in luxury now i'm headed for a hearse

juvenile and his utp playas ft. ms tee, zuse, and kango slim - what's up remix -- 4. the intro with the cartoon sea shanty sort of thing before the beat comes clattering in. 3. the sleepy gangsta kango slim half a verse that slows everything down until one of the utp guys interrupts and grabs it. 2. successful menacing juve verse with the "i guess i'm the bad guy in this movie, DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN here comes juvie." 1. ms tee's verse, coming with the ha! thing, "the queen diva got that work ha!" etc. and breaking down into singing against the melody thing, "put your money on the dress, we gon work now."

z-ro - happy feelingz -- it's just one of the ultra generic beats that he loves and that suit him perfectly. it's some livejournal confessional shit, shouting out the angels in the psychiatric center that helped him to feel like a winner, realizing that he's squandered his youth and lost his way and he's like a sponge soaking up pain and everyone in his life is so fake, but it's okay and he sings the hook softly and hopefully and calls out to the lord, "get your ass up out my way satan, i got a matching robe and a crown waiting."

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