Saturday, May 15, 2004

eight songs from new orleans that i like

(the only picture of hot boy ronald on the whole internet)

10th ward buck - second line -- the intro "wassup wassup 10th ward buck, the motherfuckin party's over! you ain't gotta go home but you gotta get the fuck up outta here" going into the chant "get ya hat! get ya coat! now get the fuck on out the do! get ya hat! get ya coat! now get the fuck on out the do!" beyond the plain bounce beat playing on some scratched up tinny snares, there's almost nothing holding the beat together, plinky little sounds playing along and buck tears it up and his boys drown the whole thing out when they get to shouting back.

bg ft. ziggly wiggly - where you been -- even though it's all creepy, atmospheric strings and thunder on the beat and bg sounds exhausted, it's really hopeful and bg going back to the hood and helping all the dopefiend niggas with monkeys on they backs and bailing out all the niggas with bonds, promising to one-up baby's one maybach with ten lacs and ziggly wiggly interviews him on the hook "yo, geezy, where you been, geezy where you been? i heard juvie went back, now is you going back?"

hot boy ronald - walk like ronald -- hot boy ronald! hot boy ronald! hot boy ronald! hot boy ronald! now if ya got ya thongs on, clap clap ya hands! if ya keep ya coochie clean, clap clap ya hands! you's an independent woman, clap clap ya hands! if you got it goin on, clap clap ya hands! ...check this out, we gon get this started like this here: left leg first, then right leg. left leg one time! (!!) right leg one time! (!!) to the front two times! (!!)(!!) to the back two times! (!!)(!!) now walk like ronald, girl!

p-town moe - walk like p-town moe -- it's totally better than walk like ronald, the same beat and still about walking like a dude but with cooler sounds and moe going hard through the whole track instead of constantly stopping to give new instruction.

7th ward soulja ft. bg and turk - uptown/downtown -- this is the track in the tag-on to the 7th ward/choppa collabo that's always on uncut, screen goes black after club parking lot/ducatti burnouts/ferris wheeled escalade/bouncing ass/choppa ripping off the macarena chorus madness and then comes up on 7th ward, bg and turk in the middle of a crowd of their boys, each of them stepping forward to say their neighborhood unity shit, "we all got hot blocks and booming dope spots, we all got crooked cops, got the hood on lock."

choppa - hot piece -- i got the no limit choppa album a couple of months ago and it was totally terrible and i only listened to it once and it was all terrible, sort of stiff, generic no limit beats that made it easy for all the terrible no limit guest rappers to ride but gave choppa trouble and he was basically confined to the hooks and the whole thing was a disappointment except for the master p blessed version of choppa style that i liked before i bought it. !! so, whatever, this song-- it's hot and fast enough for choppa to spit on and he doesn't even have to do the hook and sounds plain southern enough for it to make him famous.

chev off da ave ft. vocah - roll call -- it sounds fucking crazy, like the song that the new fake oldschool young gunz song is supposed to sound like but stripped down to just those drums and with real, fast rappers on it (but all crazy and with four word names and from new orleans!), trading off the end of lines and in the middle of words, and sampling big saying "and another one" at the start of fuck you tonight--

soulja slim and bg - mind games -- from the amazing slim/geezy album that gets a new title every month and will never drop. slim telling women how he wants his dick sucked and bg explaining how he treats hoes and a weirdo calliope beat and the whole thing breaking down into slim's girl explaining how shit really goes down until slim interrupts and calls geezy to back him up.

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