Monday, May 31, 2004

Cam'ron - "Long Time Comin'"

This was on the Diplomats Volume 5 mixtape along with a bunch of Cam's then-new solo shit. Of course, a bunch of those street joints have since been cleaned up or re-recorded for Purple Haze, and this one was retitled "Lord You Know" with the vocal sample chorus replaced with Jaheim on the hook for the first single/video, which doesn't seem to be doing well, at least not yet. But I like this version better anyway. The drum/synth sound is really reverby and weird and Cam kicks one of his less silly verses.

Beyonce f/ Lil Flip - "Naughty Girl" remix

Baltimore radio has just lately caught Lil Flip fever, so instead of playing the original version, they only ever play the Flip remix, and sometimes the awful Lil Kim one (they love 'exclusive' shit on 92Q, they only play the L-Boogie version of "All Falls Down" too). The first couple times it was a little jarring to hear him say "Houston's finest, Beyonce and Lil Flip", only because it's so rare that you're actually reminded that B is from Texas. I mean, aside from the occasional twang that pops up in her speaking voice, when she feels like playing up the country girl thing the same way Justin plays up being from Memphis, you'd never really know it. Some tabloid should an investigative report on SECRETLY SOUTHERN celebrities.

Jin - "I Got A Love"

Kanye chops up the same Lenny Williams sample from "Overnight Celebrity" into a completely different kind of beat but almost as great. The hook really gets me swaying and singing along and it almost sounds way more happy than what it's actually about, breaking it off with a girl cause I guess I was just way too hood for you to be with. Jin isn't as annoying as he was on "Learn Chinese" but not by much, but there's a nice back-and-forth moment on the first verse, Mr. West, what do you think is the best? "take 'em backstage, get acquainted, that's what I suggest".

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