Wednesday, May 26, 2004

but why the shower cap? it representin' the struggle, man

"big ass shower cap, Ethan thinks I'm cute"

When I read that D12 is going on tour without Eminem, I thought it was a pretty terrible idea (although I guess it's better money than staying home), but when I saw that one of the opening acts is Bone Crusher, I realized that between him and Bizarre it's actually The Fat Wack(y) Rappers Ethan Loves Tour '04! And the ungrateful bastard will be out of the country for it!

Oh yeah, you might see Gel & Weave clique over there taking their little shots at me for getting to the Juve/Soulja Slim song first. This is blog beef, bitch! Don't make me pop your Georgia dome!

(BTW, does the title of Young Buck's album remind anyone else of CB4's "Straight Outta Locash" more than NWA?)

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