Tuesday, May 25, 2004

8ball and mjg - living legends -- it's really good but i'm not sure what to say about it yet! it's like in three parts, kind of. part 1 is all the smooth modern beats with shiny horns and bells and vague griminess and cars and a song with ludacris and part 2 starts with a madd rapper skit ("8ball and mjg?? nigga, you can't be serious, man. them niggas is frontin right now. i remember when they had jheri curls, nigga, on they first album. they frontin!" "nah, they from the south, they real memphis and all that." "yeah but they from orange mound, son. that's like-- you know what i mean?? that sound like an ice cream cone or something. orange mound, nigga!" and it's all songs with diddy and 112 about girls and part 3 is memphis, spooky voice interludes, guitars, and grim songs with fast rappers about dying young. (part 1 is the best).

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