Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ironsoul - Marcis (Ironsoul Music)

I'd never heard Ironsoul before checking out this album, and although I tried to listen and give the whole thing a chance, unfortunately it's a type of underground hip hop that I almost never enjoy. That is, it's a guy bellowing humorlessly like he really really means it, man, over stridently flat-footed beats. Nothing against the guy, it's actually probably one of the better albums in that style that I've heard, it's just not my cup of tea. Marcis has guest appearances by A-Class, Reg from Pro & Reg, McCracken from Minlus & McCracken, and Bishop, and is available for purchase on

Ironsoul f/ Mic Brown and A-Class - "Bottom Dollar" (mp3)
I think A-Class is one of the best rappers Baltimore has, so right off the bat the last track on here that features him is one of my favorites.

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