Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Black Sunn - The Dawn Of The Black Sunn

I know I come off pretty jaded on this blog a lot of times, and sometimes I do feel like it's getting harder to find good music in Baltimore to highlight here or exciting talent that I haven't heard yet, but now and again I do hear someone that really reminds me that there's some shit worth seeking out, and most recently it's The Black Sunn. A few months ago I heard from a couple places about this cat and checked out this album and really dug it, but I wasn't sure how old it was and never got around to posting anything about him. Then this week I got word that he's releasing a new EP, The Sunn Is Black, on September 29th, and then an album, GodSound, on October 27th, and I was like damn, I need to throw up a post. I don't know if the Strictly Hip Hop crowd is already up on this dude but I know they would really love this record, just lush hard-hitting production and kinda old-fashioned MC skills, really spitting and not all this cornball new school blog rapper nerd shit, just an intelligent guy who knows how to put together words. My bad if he's been out for a while and I've been sleeping!

The Black Sunn - "Eclipse" (mp3)
It was hard to pick a best track but I feel like this is a good introduction to his whole style.

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Wish I could do a Mash up of GreenSpan's "When The Sky Turns Green" and "The Sunn Is Black" -- that sounds dope. TM the heard it here 1st

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