Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wordsmith - The Revolution Begins With A Takeover Vol. 2 (DJ Denox/

Wordsmith drops new music online frequently that I can't really keep track of it all or what order it came out in, so I'm not sure if this is his most recent mixtape, but it's the sequel to one I posted about last year, another one offered as a free download on This might be my favorite release I've heard from him so far, pretty laid back production-wise (aside from the constant annoying "REPRESENTING MONTREAL CANADA IT'S DJ DENOX!!!!" drops) and Wordsmith is really flexing his songwriting abilities. "The Golden Years" is a pretty dope song, kind of on the reminiscing tip but in a really vivid, fully realized way that you don't get too often, and "Junkie Man's Jingle" is a strong conceptual song.

Wordsmith f/ Tha Profitt, Reggie Webb, Greenspan, Skarr Akbar, Soulstice, Pro & Reg, Sly Solomon, Steadfast, Tislam the Great & E-Major - "B-More Baritones" (mp3)
It's really dope to hear Wordsmith do a posse cut like this, especially since I haven't heard him do tracks with a lot of Baltimore artists before. Really interesting lineup on this song, too, a diverse set of guys, although there are a couple I'm not familiar with.

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