Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Raphael Saadiq f/ Stevie Wonder and CJ Hilton - "Never Give You Up" (mp3)
Back over the summer, I was on Raphael Saadiq's MySpace page, looking into the new album he was getting ready to release, when I heard an impressive song on his page by someone named CJ with a voice that was strongly reminiscent of Marvin Gaye. So I clicked over to CJ's MySpace page, and realized that he was this amazingly talented teenager from Baltimore signed to Capitol Records who I'd somehow never heard of. Then, Saadiq's album, The Way I See It came out in September and it's pretty fantastic, one of the best R&B albums of the year, and CJ is featured on one of the best tracks, singing lead on half the song and playing drums and piano on "Never Give You Up," which also features Stevie Wonder on harmonica. I haven't been able to find much more info on the dude, but this 2006 article from The Urbanite says that he was 17 at the time, and was signed to Capitol Records in '05, so he's probably 19 now, which is still really amazingly young for someone with his kind of talent, who gets to record with people like Stevie Wonder. I sent him a MySpace message months ago requesting an interview and never heard back, so if anyone knows him and can let him know I wanna do a feature for the Baltimore City Paper on him or something, let me know how I can get in touch.

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hello...I just happened to stumble over this and seen it was my talented brother you were talking about...so if you still want to do the article just hit me up on my email cl_eless@hotmail.com i'm Camrie L Hilton...thanx and hope to talk to you soon
You obvioulsy don't know Marvin Gaye.

CJ sounds N-O-T-H-I-N-G like Marvin Gaye. The SONG (music, arrangement, instrumentation) sounds like Marvin Gaye.

Who CJ does sound EXACTLY like, is Ray Parker Jr. When I first heard this song, you couldn't have told me this wasn't Ray Parker Jr.

If you aren't familiar with Ray Parker Jr, go to youtube and check him out there.
I'm in total shock that "Never Give You Up" isn't Raphael Saadiq and RAY PAY JR... I can't imagine two people sounding more alike than CJ Hilton, Jr. and Ray Parker, Jr.
BTW-It's almost embarrassing to say that Hilton sounds like Marvin Gaye. This isn't to discredit Hilton, they simply don't sound alike.
Did not know it wasn't Ray Parker jr. on Raphael Saadiq song. C.j Hinton sounds just like him. LOL!!!!
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