Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The next two weeks of Torch-Mic are going to serve as the final deciding factor to rather or not it will be able to continue, or it i'll just fall six feet into the already overly populated venue grave yard! So I'm sending out a big call to all my B-More Hip-Hop representives and soldiers of the culture to come through and aid in the saving of the venue and the event, I need ya'll help bad, my partner in the venture just removed himself from the mission so it's all on me now to try and keep the flame, B-More stand up, Hip-Hop what up!!! (Just $5 ya'll)

Torchlight Entertainment presents…

Torch-Mic Fridays

Each and every Friday @ K-Productions
(Northwood Plaza 1570 Havenwood Road)

Hosted By Lyrical Leviathan
(Torchlight Entertainment)

Doors open at 8:00pm
Only $5

Open Mic @ 9:00pm

Features at 10:00pm

Rock on till 1am

This Week

Gutter Clan Alliance
Young Ace
Tru Bill Ent.
Marshal E. Conway
Sean Toure


Tru Bill Ent is the Truth. There live show is bananas
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