Monday, February 27, 2006

Rod Lee's Talent search has been push backed .
The producer that brought you Tim Trees (Bank Rolls), Paula Campbell (How Does it Feel), Davon (Be Your Friend), Bossman (Oh), Natures Problem (Shake It Shorty), and 90% of the Club Hits You've heard over the years. Now He Is Looking For You!
Auditions will be held on Wednesday 03/01/06, 03/08/06 &03/15/06 at Hammerjacks 316 Guilford Ave Baltimore, MD 21202.
The Grand Finale will take place on March 28th, 2006 at Hammerjacks and it will be hosted by Pork Chop
He is looking for rappers, producers, singers, and street team members.There is also some staff position available. Pick up applications at all downtown Locker room stores.

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hey man, been reading for a while now just wondering if you could help me out with this new song i've been hearing a lot on the radio - could just be a bmore joint but i've never heard enough to know. the dude rapping kinda sounds like jim jones with a husky voice and there's a chick singing "my riders, my riders, my riders" you know who that is? thanks
that's the "Rider Girls" remix by D.O.G. and Blaq Starr. I wrote about it some here, and there's a link to D.O.G.'s MySpace page where you can listen to it:
let this be the first time you heard this...some nigga named Yung Gist is dropping this Baltimore Son Mixtape in the Streets next week (Mar 7th)accordin to this flyer... his buzz is buildin in philly but he bout to catch Baltimore by surprise...I saw his flyers out in SW Philly (I think he from this neighborhood called Park Heights or 3rd War in Baltimore)... from what I heard ,not only will it be the best street album by any nigga in baltimore but it will rank up there with some of the best mix-tapes in Hip-Hop ever...ofcourse they are bold statements but the first to catch on (as far as bloggers)...the smarter you will look...I saw him rapping in Philly at some cypha event and he's easily the Best Rapper Baltimore has ever seen(5 times better than Bossman and the rest of them niggas)...I heard he could get signed but he tryin to do his independent thing right now...just remember where yall heard this shit from...We over here in Wilmington and we hearin some of his shit on these bootleg Baltimore Son mixtapes...his creativity on that is fcuking retarded
just because he's a hot RAPPER does not mean he's a great ARTIST, besides YOU ARE kinda shooting him in the foot already by disrespecting a scene that is still in it's infancy!!

p.s.: I've never heard of him.
I heard of Baltimore Son I think he's on soundclick also who's hot in Delaware period? It's a good thing period for any Bmore artist to get on.
whats up with all this hating and anonymous talking..when i say he can rap i mean his songs are good too which would make him a good artist..we might not have any rappers over here in Delaware but I wasnt talking bout that, I was talking bout dude cuz
i heard him in like 4 songs and they all were different and it kinda threw me off cuz they all were the best songs I ever heard from a nigga outta that city..and yeh I follow the underground niggas from nig like Pap and Saigon and Baltimore niggas like Comp and even Skar...yall shoot yall self in the foot in Bmore...dont come at me, I listen to Bossman and i think hes hot but hes far from the best in that girlfriend goes to school down there and she let me hear some dude named Los...hes way better than Bossman from what I can hear, and I heard some dude name Mully on his site and he had some great songs too but yall always quick to hate on ur own artist down there...I was just saying I heard the nigga Yung Gist and he sound like the fcukin truth...thats all
Yo people think Baltimore is full of crabs that image has got to go! Also I'm from DC I got mad respect for Baltimore!
Anyway, It's a good look for Bmore artist to get shine in other areas no hate here! Bossman was never a battle MC but that kid will open doors for Baltimore as well as other Bmore MC's! I wish DC was buzzing like but there too many guys out of DC sound like down south that's wack to me. I know there are talented rappers in DC!
yeh ..i agree...I mean Bossman will def open doors as long as he dont put Jermaine in his videos( sike naw)...he in a great position with SoSo( I personally think hes better than Sunny but not quite on the level of a T.Waters) Hopefully they wont make him do tht Hip pop commercial lean wit it bullshit cuz thats not hiis style...that Off the record shit is the hottest song i heard from that dude..everything else is consistent so I respect that man's thing I noticed bout him is that he dont do too many collabs wit local artist and my girl @ Morgan said most street niggas down there don't respect em in Bmore cuz he claimin King before dropping and his momma more gangsta than him...whats up with that...I mean as a fan I say fcuk all that shit but most niggas not like me...(they only listen to that Dip-Set and Jeezy shit and the rest of that so-called gangsta music)..., I think he def in position to do him cuz his personality real and I listen to that Off the Record shit everyday so he still got street niggas where Im at bumpin his shit...I dont know too much bout DC so I wont even comment...I saw a Paul Wall video on Uncut wit some DC niggas and that about it...Overall, Im pullin for all the artist in this area cuz we next up in line...Maryland and DC...yall gotta make it happen cuz we dont got nothin in Wilmington...cept the few niggas that get kicked outta philly and Camden...
Hope the Middle East will the east coast back like MD,VA,DC,DE,PA,and NJ! Also who's nice in Delaware I'm just curious though? Also check EJ he's nice there so many MC's in Bmore can't name them! Like I said the middle east will blow! Hopefully somebody in Delaware will blow too and connect with Bmore, Philly etc! Baltimore has this stigma that people hate up there but I've notice being from DC that cat's up in Bmore are stepping their game up and less hate that's real!Yo you came to the Style Wars in Bmore the check out the scene down there! Also cat's still associate B Rich with Bmore eventhough people still say he's wack but he paved the way for Baltimore hip hop period also I heard some of his new material and it's dope for real!!
Fuck all them niggas...Im from ova West...Mullymania all day and shorty that wit the dreds that was rappin outside the 5 seasons wit this 3rd War t shirt on was rockin but like I said Fuck all these wack as rappers in this city...You need to stay your ass up Delaware..What the Fuck goes on up that bitch anyway...that whack ass city...nobody give a fuck how u feel bout whats going on in my city...On the real ask any nigga...we only fuck wit club music and the Dip set in Baltimore nigga cuz most niggas gotta rap like Common sense down this bitch cuz we will pull there Fuckin card if they get all Gangsta on a Track like we did that nigga Bossman..he aint no gangsta and neither is the rest of these niggas that be fakin...Mully keep that shit like I said Fuck all that Bullshit that nigga was talking bout from Delaware..your shorty down Morgan know more than you and just leave it at that...Mullymania for life nigga( anybody disagree wit me...come down Calhoun Baker and Stricker and ask to see me...just ask who gettin the most money and they'll direct you to me nigga...straight the fuck like that!!!
Nigga what....ask for lil Hertz you BITCH nigga...your name not even Big a Fuckin decoy...yeh and I guess you told me huh...where the fuck you BE at nigga talkin bout that dumb shit...I know niggas in the county that would decapitate a nigga like u cuz sayin shit like that, u obviously dont know what be going on out these streets or watchin the news you FUCK must be the clown ass nigga cuz i was speakin the muthafcukin truth and you got all sensitive..,you must be a muthafuckin Bossman associate...I gurantee you wont tell me where the Fuck you be at...I know the scoop on all these bullshit rappers cuz...I use to eat at this nigga Travis's moms restaurant nigga so I kinda like the lil nigga...I know who really from out essex and all that shit man..Im not going to hawk wit u over no fuckin internet..Computer gangsta??? what you think niggas in the hood dont got computers you prejedice Fake lossman type nigga the one comin at me so please do your self a favor and not respond the computer gangsta tryin to put your shit in all caps like you yelling at a nigga...Im a nigga that hustle by day and fuck these hors off myspace by night nigga so fuck you and whatever you bout...ohh yeh and I know you not going to tell me where YOU BE AT you FUCKIN bitch nigga..ohh yeh..Fuck that nigga from Delaware too shorty...Mullymania 4 life...and DIP set all day Bitch
ohhh yeh..I Fuck wit that Nigga Backland cuz he really from the Block 4real and he can spit...But like I said...FUCK that nigga FROM Delaware and that nigga Big Ron who dont know shit who prolly the same person...if not, FUCK BOTH yall niggas...lil Hertz...CBS nigga...where yall be at by the way..lmao
Man I hate internet gangstas and crab ass haters. Nothing but bullshit and small minds I love for all the rappers out of Bmore not just one area!
Internet Thugs are wack real gangstas don't have time to be on a computer he must be a coward from the county!
the realest rap niggas in b-more i've SEEN so far are TYREE COLION HENNY BLACK D.O.G and HULI. im going off half of what i see and all of what i know. real talk
oh yeah im from west so mully get a pass
Crabs in a barrel!
fuck most of the nyggas on this bytch. bunch of faggots.
if i say fuck a group like fish.
that what the fuck I mean.
nyggas aint feelin that club outside of b-more thats why b rich aint blow.
I got Love for all you guys in this discussion cuz if I said fuck you niggas, I would keep the hate spreading...I love all u niggas for giving your real opinions but lets put it in perspective...if you hate a are no better than him...Love conquers all and sometimes its just gotta be Tough love in the streets but its always love that will defeat your enemy...this discussion opitimizes why Baltimore City is the worse place to start a rap career...not because of lack of talent but lack of support...To be perfectly honest with you, Bossman is in the best position not because he raps better but because he has support around him and because he can still spit...What happens in baltimore is that the guys with the most money usually get the spins but are rarely the best his case(Bossman is a good blend of both so you would be foolish to overlook his potential) ...After reading this entire article, I personally feel that the guy from CBS is just giving his honest opinion and we should respect his opinion but not his attitude towards the other rappers in your city because he seems to be young and believe it or not...there are millions of people that think just like him...You can not forget that rap music is about the youth more than anything and there is no better rappper that can reach the youth other than a rapper still in his youth and has lived what he raps to the extent where others will a city like Baltimore, the majority of the youth that are living this lifestyle are not in position where they can rap about it in an artistic manner and manage to sell records (thats why we notice that most of your rappers that do get mentioned are older in there mid to late 20s because there lyrics are about turning neg to pos in a street religious approach...this however will not appeal to a larger majority of whos listening to the music and thats why you see the Jeezy's and Dip-Sets selling...however, that is who they really are so if its not you, don't try to be yourself) so we will go after lets say a Bossman who has a lot to discuss even though he's not one of the contributers to the violence but hes real in his approach to music...As an A&R of one of the biggest rap labels (that of which I will not be able to disclose), I tend to monitor sites like this just to see the various opinions from fans from cities such as Baltimore, Cleveland, and other parts of New Jersey and I would like to say that we are tired of signing artist that have too many cards to be pulled...if you sound like him..fine but what we see in smaller cities is that everyone in the streets know these guys bfore they were rappin and they use that to pull em down...then we have some other rappers that do it to themselves and start claiming to be from places they know nothing about...As an A&R, we will go after a B-Rich before any rapper in Baltimore thats out right now because of his approach on music but since he doesn't have the fan support from the youth...he is more likely to be successful if he goes out west or down south..Hes easily a platinum artist he just doesn't have the fan support yet...(In my opinion, the best rappper of all time is from east baltimore but since you guys do such a bang up job at supporting your artist, even Tupac knew he would have to make it out this city and while pursuing his acting career on the West Coast, he was still rapping about things he saw on both coast and he repped the West Coast and he got love from everywhere)...Now Ive been around the game for a while and I see the talents way before they get big and from everything I read on this board, there is only 1 new name on this board that I know nothing about and you better believe Im going to look into it and it sounds like I don't even have to look in Baltimore...msg to all you guys, please try to give your opinions minus all the dissing and hating
There are going to be non-believers thinking that on one can't blow in Bmore! The scene is getting than it used to be and I'm from DC!
Damn lil really are a clown ass nigga cuz if you really believe Im that young...why the fuck are you sending me notes on Al's blog this late at night (that actually says more about you but Im glad we don't have a visual to go along with your FUCK BOY must was raised by your momma and you talk like you got a lil dick...lmao...notice how I gave you my name, and where I be at just to see what you bout and like I thought about everybody in this chat room, nothing...thats why yall niggas love these chat rooms so you can get away with your bullshit promotions of these bullshit artists man and know one knows your remind me of Bossman...that nigga do the same shit...First he claimed Northeast King and nobody remember this nigga from Hartford to York road cuz he was never outside ...he been rappin in his house just like you ...u a FUCK BOY that like other FUCK BOYS...(back to the story)...he got on the radio talkin that shit and nobody questioned it cuz eyy...CLayway down wit the nigga and nobody really gave a fuck and to be honest nobody still gives a FUck when that nigga says hes the King of the City cuz the niggas really in the streets thats doing the shit that hes glorifying lookin at him like he a GIMMICK FUCK BOY...Baltimore CIty the hardest city in the AMerica and yall think we just gonna sleep on a FUCK BOY PROMOTING HISSELF AS KING...Tell that Nigga Mully was takin it easy on him and still EXPOSED HIS BITCH ASS...Let a nigga say he King of a City anywhere else and he puttin a big ass target on his head..HE A FUCKIN BITCH JUST LIKE Lil Ron..IF you dont like what Im saying..come holla AT me OVA WEST WHeere we keep one eye Open you BITCH NIGGAS...Ohh yeh..where you be at Bitch (lmao)...I drive a 03 Park Ave. so i can get where u at but matter fact...dont even tell me where u be cuz I LAugh at BITCH niggas like Lil ROn and Lossman...niggas that type in all caps like they betta than a nigga...we dont like that cockey shit in Baltimore need to hit the road like Ed Hartwell and take your ASs to Atlanta...You and Lossman act like Atlanta niggas...keep on and I will end that nigga career as if my man Mully didnt do it already...shouts out to my man Mullymania...keep your shit Hood nigga its lil Hertz......Dip-set All Day Bitch....777777730...(ride out)
Another lame ass internet thrug trying to prove his gangsta but crabing at the same time. I like all of the Bmore that's doing things big stop being small minded cuz by the way what do you do? If don't rap, produced or make beats, you don't need to talk crabcake!
Im a internet thug when I speak online but talk the same way in person and the streets is mine..the streets is ours, Dip Set Bitch...we took ova them towers, city to city we mergin them powers,keep talkin u diggin them flowers slugs tan u niggas like the bahamas but u niggas smart thats why ur name anonymous, ur name is Bossman so your name is garbage so in the trash i put u just like his promoters' dollars,
trust theres no wins in his casa cuz the heat from my fire cause camp fires,the only Boys on SoSo Rockin are the ones in the Franchizes... and believe theres a lil Hertz in every hood in the city just waitin for Mr.Ohh to stop through and we will show him it aint pretty...fuck law and order, we like our city Gritty...Im a 730 nigga with more diamonds on My neck than Smitty...U Bitches
Your name is anonymous too slim so what do you do? You ain't nothing but hating ass coon who ain't got nothing going on with yourself! Get of the computer and see what's really going on! So internet thug what do you do again? Do you rap, produce or make beat? Are maybe you just make space what is it?
whooah shorty...that shit was hot as shit...but why the fuck you going at Bossman...what he ever do to smart man and let that man do him so in a couple of years he could help u get put on...i aint gonna lie though...that shit hot but its only one lil rap and you shouldnt be going at Charm City's king like that...
Damn where do these internet coons come from they don't have no hart they can't fight they talk big shit on the computer but when you see them in person and smack the shit out of them they are complete bitches!
ey man...Fuck all you niggas...Im not anonymous...Im lil Hertz u Fuck niggas..yall FUCK BOYS anonymous...yall know what I do...Hustle by day and Fuck these Hors off myspace by night but I aint get no pussy tonight so im up playin on this labtop my bitch brought me...Fuck that rappin shit man..I ride out for my niggas and soon as I holla @ Rod Lee...Imma show u niggas bout lil Hertzjust for fun...believe me..when it come to this rap shit I make it look eazy like young Jeezy you Hors...get off my dick...Dip Set Bitch
Yeah right you whore! Go back to school dog where you in Special ED?
Keep the ignorance coming lil ass Hertz and this dude thing he's going to blow. Nigga please you probably can't or just don't have the talent also Jezzy is straight wack he's just hot fool who knows if he's still be around in the next five years? You just a dumb young ass clown who got nothing to do and don't know real talent in Bmore you's a corny lil nigga. I'll bet you amount of money you can't fight dog!
hold up...I know you niggas not hatin on the snowman...that nigga did a couple hundred thousand out the trunk for a reason...jay signed him for a reason...he aint going no where...You Cant Ban The Snowman
Damn...Now I see why there are over 30 comments on this web page...Stupid muthafuckers like lil Hertz thats prolly a fuckin high school drop out livin at home with his momman frustrated so he hating on other muthafuckers thats out there gettin it...Baltimore, lets rid the city of these crab motherfuckers...Boss is hot, Mully is hot, Comp is hot, Huli is hot, Collion is hot, D.O.G. is hot, Skar is hot, them Dirty Hartz niggas is Hot, __________(your name here) is hot....we a got a chance to do something big...Fuck lil Hertz and every THING HE BOUT which is prolly nothing...stop shouting out that 730 shit...I find it hard to believe DK and them niggas fuck wit a clown nigga that talk down on niggas like what you doing
Yeah preace on dog!
Ayo lil Hertz whenever your shit comes out I ain't supporting because I don't like haters!
Lil Hertz would just like to say thanks for the free promotion..yall are all my bitches...cept for Al and Rod Lee...Im the hottest nigga in the streets it any other rappers out there that would like to voice there opinions...I think not...yall know more than scooby snacks...shouts out Mullymania for holdin down west baltimore and that nigga Backland, the only nigga in this city that spit crack besides me
Nigga please no one your bitch I'm Kenneth want ever cop your shit and I'll other DC niggas about your dumb young ass bitch! Fuck you homo! You are wack that people from out of town got this preception about Bmore is full crabs like! P.S. lil Hertz I'll remember name loser!!!
This is Kenneth again real talk lil dumb ass Hertz you going to make your homie DK look bad and Baltimore too with that stupid ego that must A&R industry type people associate Baltimore in the past meaning Baltimore people are hard to work with ask Mully dummy. I know really young but if you want to exceed in the game you got to be humble asshole you can't just diss anyone and thing you hot that's it cuz! Also let me ask you a question son are you built like that, can you handle yourself in the streets, can you work your fist since talk reckless and shit? Because most of the cats ain't about nothing but talk you feel me? I personally love the local hip hop I support everybody even others think they wack so I'm not too bias at all. Change that ego son before it fucks you up the ass. There's too many talented cats in Bmore to worry about a crab like you! This is my last time responding to you homo I'm the type I'll see in person than that bitchy internet thing. I'm a true hip hop fan if you diss me I want support you at all simple and also I know other website that support the DC/Bmore scene I'll put you on blast like I suppose to later bama!
This is Kenneth nice rapping to your ass good luck bitch!
Fuck Remy, I dont wear no skirts but believe there must be something bout lil Hertz the way yall tryin to put my name in the dirt, u see Im the same in the dirt cuz I murk and wont hesitate to squirt what yall call problems I call perks cuz I carry two gunz and theres a 100% chance that one of em works...look at what I wrote, I spit shit all yall burps that choke of that simple baby shit..Fuck A&Rs cuz I dont need em, I just need them carbon 15s and ARs that will keep them pussy's bleedin or maybe even a rifle once a month I come at night like a cycle wit the pump cuz he thought he was fast but Im faster plus I thought the shells would help em with his asthma (breathe eazy nigga) and fuck the misspells cuz I did drop-out but all yall hors cuz yall have yet to say what yall be bout...(Rod lee holla at me or suffer threat but I will torch all these niggas...that lil nigga Lossman included..DK aint worryin bout me...thats my older cuz, he gettin his money and Birdgang already a rap so Fuck yall niggas and listen for me on one of these mixtapes cuz Im comin....Dip-set Bitch)..ohh yeh..I want yall to keep hatin me cuz they love me in the streets and thats what I do til I come out..torch these niggas everywhere theres communication, the streets, chat lines, cds, dvds, mp3s, in 3d...I know yall hate to love me but I speak that voicebox shit that you FUCK BOYS DoNT KNOW ABOUT...Whoever yall think is hot, I will torch his nigga wit a rep wanna rick it online but put 10 stacks numbers and ill torch every nigga in this city nigga...Free Freaky and Free my man Mumms...Dip-Set Bitch
Internet gangstas are so funny a good fuck laugh!
This is Kenneth the DC nigga you internet gangstaz love to hate but I'm not trying to destroy your man he rub me the wrong way just like you me I don't need no gun to handle my business it's my hands dog! You guys are comical niggas y'all remind me of one of those characters on In living Color. Good luck on your venture slim you niggas are funnier than you protray the image y'all giving me pure comedy I learned that you cant get mad these people they want attention like little kids so I don't feed into their treats, slander or negative feed back it's comedy at it's finest. You guys should be on Low Cash Records! LoL
Bigg up to Rodd Lee and the Rest of Bmore-Kenneth!!!
and what image are you tryin to portray holier than thou..fuck you do you know this is not who the fuck I am man..exactly, you dont....just cause u carry urself different dont mean u gotta hate on me...your approach came off genuine at first but now I read that shit over and Lil Hertz feels you too are a FUCK BOY so FUCK YOU and YOUR GOOD tryed to belittle me on some grown man shit but you stupid and you failed terribly...never play it the gotta be direct,,either you agree wit me or you dont...You sarcastic FUCK BOY named lil Ron...I mean a man, you shouldnt judge another man but since u got sensitve that would make you a FUCK BOY and any comments that say anonymous or Kenntih obsolete since the current comments you posted are FUCK BOY yourself a favor a swallow your FUCKIN pride cuz lil Hertz is smarter than you even with a GED...Fuck anybody in my lane thats not ridin wit me...Straight the FUCK like that...ohh yeh, Mully murked Lossman on that track cuz he exposed him without gettin all lyrical so yall niggas can suck a DIck ..(excuse me for cussing Al but read over the comments and u'll see they was comin at me in all directions so its like FUCK EM all cuz I was just being REal wit these FUCK NIGGAS...WE ONLY FUCK WIT the club heavy and Dipset...why you think Lossman startin off with that Rod lee shit...D.O.G. did a song wit Jones...cuz niggas know thats what the FUCK we FUCK wit
You know what I was'nt going to respond to y'all anymore but y'all niggas are so sensitive like females for real. Real men(grown) don't carry themself like that homey first all of all you niggas don't know and I don't know you either. I ain't got time for no bull shit internet games I'm too old for that hollar at them youngins your age I'm over 25 group don't got time homie as a fuck boy naw! If you niggas were smart enough to look beyond your thug image, you might have fans who support your movement yo when somebody disses me and think I'm going to cop their shit is on crack so you nigga lost me forever as a fan and I do support the locals like Mullyman, Tyree Colion, Comp, Bossman, Huli Shallone, Mask on, D.O.G, Noe Money and other Bmore cats also my DC homies got to show them love. I don't hate on nobody only bitches do shit like that I'm not talking about females I'm talking about so-called thugs that be fooling the people. The truth will come later my last response to you ducks! Keep it moving!!!
This is Kenneth bigg to whole Bmore and DC area lets put this middle east shit going fuck the haters. Also I'm not dis respect this man's website. I'm not responding no more to lame comments it's my position to react to them I'm dropping it. I'm just a supporter of hip hop not flip flop also cat's take shit to another level and it ain't that serious to me I'm going to speak my mind if people ain't feeling me that's fine I wish the best luck to all and I ain't affilated with no click or crews just why would beef with these cats on this board it's retarded. There's people who are really getting killed for dumb ass bullshit out here I may speak what I said but I ain't trying put nobody down maybe it came off like because them dudes gave me a immpression that they dogging niggas so I respond but really though I should'nt and keep it moving I'm learning this new age internet shit is out of hand when certain individauls get the wrong message take to a whole level okay I was wrong for calling them out their name. Eventhough they too called me out of my name I ain't tripping I'm no fuck boy I do my own thing I don't follow no one I do me personally if cats don't understand me cool. Finally everybody is entitled to their own opinion who they don't like for example Bossman eventhough some niggas don't like doors for Bmore as well as other rapper in the city. Look at other places that's on I know them niggas don't get along but they some how work with each other and put aside their issues that all I ain't got nothing personal with anyone on this board I only re acted to the comments because I thought it was a bunch of random hating but like I said a person can't make a person change their right away about how they fell about this person, click, crew whatever time will reveal when the heat drops. I'm done speaking my peace about the situation I'm not going to be apart of any bull going on!
WHA, MAN PLEASE, The best mixtape to come out of Baltimore is Operation:Shutdown hosted by DJ Spontaneous for Imperial Records (IMP). Keep your ears to the streets. Aint nothing measuring up and this aint no promo. I checked the joint out and its ridicolous hard. I don't know what you dudes be listening for but if your joint aint mixed well, your production is so-so, and your lyrics are so-so, you gets no respect in my book. Go get that joint. Operation: Shutdown.


Can you help me to the song lyrics of "My Riders"?
there be alot of jelous people everywhere. just like on this site. don't hate if you are one of them and you are reading this. i am just telling the truth. and you know i am.
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