Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Los - "Gettin' At Old Murda" (mp3)
Los - "Get It On The Floor"/"Flipside"/"Stop" Freestyle (mp3)
Skarr Akbar f/ Los - "Da Sickness" (mp3)

There was an MTV News article about Bad Boy Records recently that mentioned that one of the new artists signed to the label is Los from Baltimore, which motivated me to go back and listen to some of my old mixtapes with Los a.k.a. Young Pittbull on them. "Da Sickness" is from The Hood Legend: The Best of Skarr Akbar Part 3 and the other tracks are both from Live From Da Bloc: The Triangle Offense, from back around 2004, when him and Skarr were both on a label called Da Bloc, Inc. There was supposedly also an album called Welcome 2 Da Bloc, but I haven't heard it. I know Skarr isn't with Da Bloc anymore, but I don't know if Los is still affiliated with them. I know they're still going, though, because Da Bloc's website went back up recently, and I saw the big green Da Bloc van on Northern Parkway a couple months ago. Los kinda has the same vicious type flow as Skarr, and they made some cool songs together. Anyway, congrats to Los on the Bad Boy deal, hopefully he can do his thing in the major label world. I know a lot of people will always say Bad Boy fell off or doesn't do hip hop anymore, but the last Black Rob album was hot, 8Ball & MJG and Boyz N Da Hood are good, Los should be able to fit in somewhere in there.

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Yooooooo that's whats up!!!
MAN!!! BAD BOY now. That's great 4 b-more.
Fuck Los And Bad Boy & The Bloc The Anit Shit With Out Skarr-Akbar.......Free Skinny Suge..
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