Saturday, February 04, 2006

Comp - Independence Day: Bang-A-Rang Mixtape Vol. 3 (Hosted by DNA)

So it's offical that Comp is off Def Jam, after 3 years and not much to show for it other than a video with Ghostface and Jadakiss, a few soundtrack appearances, and being a character in a couple video games. I dunno if he was dropped or just got fed up and left, but neither would surprise me, since L.A. Reid has been letting even franchise players like DMX and Cam'ron walk out on their contracts lately. Looks like it might be for the best, though, since they didn't seem to know what to do with him, and now that he's free he's really back on the grind, Vol. 3 comin' way sooner after Vol. 2 did after Vol. 1. And since being on a major put his name out there, he's in a good position to release something independently now. I was kinda critical of the last mixtape in my City Paper review because it was really heavy on freestyles and guest appearances, and most of the songs I liked were ones I'd already heard. But this one has a lot of new songs, only like one guest verse, from Grafh (not even any appearances from Boy Troy or Zist from the Bang-A-Rang Gang), and I think he's finding a good sound right now. I always kinda felt like he usually wasn't on beats that suit him or really bring out his weird, animated delivery, so it's good that he's trying different things and not messing with a bunch of industry beats. It's also got "B-More Anthem," which is an old old song produced by J Fonk (who I guess is the same person as J Funk?) from before he was signed that always gets mentioned in his bios but I'd never heard until recently. You can listen to that and some more songs at Comp's MySpace page, and buy the mixtape from DNA's site.

Comp - "Which Way I Go" (mp3)
Starts with a quick replay of that line from "Official": "everybody wanna know, what happened since 'Run,' why is Def Jam stuntin', when his album gon' come?" and then Comp addressing the current state of affairs with a real good introspective track.

Comp - "Coming 2 A City Near U" (mp3)
I don't what that beat is but I love those crazy snare triplets. Comp sounds good on beats like this. It's kinda refreshing when the last track on a mixtape is one of the best songs.

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I guarantee Comp was dropped or Def Jam LET him walk. Either way it's the same thing: they didn't want him cos they don't see a way to make money with him.

LA Reid knows what he's doing. DMX is a very unstable dude who's well past his commercial prime but probably has an incredibly lucrative contract based on past performance which makes it virtually impossible for Def Jam to make any more money off him. Good luck to Sony, who have proven clueless recently at breaking hip hop with the exception of Lil Flip who really broke himself in Houston first, making that happen.

Meanwhile Cam is a guy whose sense of fame or worth far exceed any reality based in soundscan. If people didn't want him after the, not-bad, Purple Haze album, I can't see how his recent stunts dissing Jay-Z are gonna make any significant difference.

On top of that, believe that Sony and Asylum probably had to do buy-out's or pay overides to Def Jam to get these artists anyway. It's highly unlikely that they just "walk[ed] out on their contracts."
yeah, good points. I was just saying, Def Jam seems pretty eager to dump anyone who doesn't fit into their business plan these days. I haven't heard very specific details on what kind of money was offered up to let Cam or X walk, all still seems pretty vague. But it was really apples and oranges for me to bring up their situations compared to Comp's, not really central to the point of my post.
I believe Comp will be hot again Def Jam sucks even Redman diss that lame record label! Hopefully Comp will build his buzz for another label that will suit him.

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love your site, and have really wanted to check the tunes. could you post them in another file sharing site like yousendit or zshare?

rapidshare bails out on a lot of people.

could you be a little more specific as to how rapidshare "bails out" on people? I've never had any real problems with it. And I definitely prefer it to yousendit, which limits the amount of time and/or # of downloads that the file will stay up for. Never tried Zshare, but I might be open to that one if it has limitless DLs like rapidshare.
rapidshare seems to think i'm still downloading files. maybe its a mac thing. i've seen it happen to loads of other people.

anyway you could offer the song in other formats like yousendit as well, even if they expire? the rapidshare will still be there.
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