Thursday, January 05, 2006

Tyree Colion - The Problem And The Solution (Rare Ent./Hustle Hard Blvd.)

Tyree gave me props for my City Paper review of this when I saw him at Fresh Fest last week, I just had to give him credit for making a double CD this consistent. He just put out the Problem And The Solution DVD, thanks to Robby from Rare Ent. for getting me a copy of that. It's real hot, a lot of good performance footage and the "Bass Drop" video and everything. You can go to the Rare Ent. site to get a copy or check out some mp3's, they've got "Bass Drop" and "Out Of Town" f/ Comp, Skarr Akbar and Redz up for download.

Tyree Colion - "Pay Attention" (mp3)
I gotta applaud the beat choice, that was the best beat on the last Fat Joe album. My favorite part of the DVD is when Tyree performs this in the studio and then Comp and a bunch of other dudes freestyle over the beat.

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My favorite part of the DVD was...
I am the Producer---
I would just like to thank everyone for showing love!
for all of your production needs
East to West Coast!
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