Monday, December 26, 2005

Tha Plague - Hitzville Gotham City presents HitVillainz Tha Mixtape

Tha Plague did a release party for this mixtape a couple weeks ago at the 5 Seasons, good show, Skarr Akbar and EJ and ShellBe Raw and a few other people performed too, and Jason Torres reviewed the show in the City Paper. Shows like that really bring home how cool and unique it is that there's a lot of females in Baltimore hip hop that are making movies, rapping and putting together shows and releasing CDs. I don't think it's like that in a lot of other places. So big up to all them and Bosslady and C Love for that. The mixtape is good, hosted by Ogun with guest appearances from Skarr and Ammo and ShellBe Raw.

Tha Plague - "Get Them Hands Up"
I'm feeling the Bon Jovi sample on this track, I don't know if it's a freestyle over a beat from somewhere else like most of the tracks, though.

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