Friday, December 30, 2005

D.O.G. - Champagne Dreams: The Prequel hosted by Clinton Sparks (Invisible Set Ent.)

I reviewed this for the City Paper a minute ago, it's growing on me, I'm looking forward to the LP. On the mixtape they shout out a December release date for the Champagne Dreams album but now it's coming out early '06. The funny thing is that in my review, I compare D.O.G.'s voice to Jim Jones from the Diplomats, and right after I wrote that he came out with his new single "I Get Dough" featuring Jim Jones, with a Lil Wayne sample on the hook. That song's real hot, I need a copy of that. Also check out D.O.G.'s MySpace page, which has more audio.

D.O.G. - "Hello" (mp3)
D.O.G. - "Hello" (Big Poppa Remix) (mp3)
His big radio hit, and the remix over the Biggie beat. He just shot a video for it out in L.A. and is looking to get it played on BET, so look out for that. Sorry that I've been writing about some kinda old stuff lately but I was waiting til I could post mp3's again so now I'm just catching up before I get into the brand new stuff.

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its a good mixtape
when is this going to be out?
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