Monday, August 29, 2005

Labtekwon - The Ghetto Dai Lai Llama: African Rhythm American Blues

Afrocentric eccentric from Baltimore, which you can tell just by the cover, wearing Orioles gear in the middle of a museum exhibit of Egyptian art (which reminds me of a couple convos I've had lately about how some people think that the O's logo is some racist sambo imagery shit). Never really checked for him even though he's always got a lot of local press, artsy true school dude who's been rapping since the 80's and doesn't fuck with much of the current era Baltimore stuff I listen to, biggest release was an album on Mush Records a few years ago. So it was surprising when he turned up on BET Uncut with a camcorders'n'strippers video for "Uhnnn Huhnnn", turns out he does nasty sex rhymes pretty well. I was trying to figure out who his voice reminds me of, at first I thought Redman but then I realized really it's the Madd Rapper, which is kind of hilarious. Also a song w/ Bmore's own international dance music superstar Ultra Nate', some other songs I can't get into with twitchy Outkast type fake drum'n'bass beats, some low key track I'm kinda feeling, like "Windows": "harm city, we strictly guns and drugs/homey we got plenty slums and thugs/it ain't booty shake, we call our music club/me, I hold my balls like a grudge/cause shorty ain’t nobody really fit to judge".

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