Tuesday, March 22, 2005

T-Dogg f/ Trick Daddy and Suave Smooth - "Take It 2 Da Streets"
T-Dogg from Ft. Lauderdale heads down the coast to Miami to hook up with TDD and Righteous Funk Boogie (hottest Slip N Slide producer, did most of Trick's early hits but wasn't on Thug Matrimony at all). T-Dogg's voice kinda reminding me of David Banner but with a flow like Trick, annoying shrill hook but the beat is nice and they save Trick's verse for last and he steals it with the old gangsta shit, "fuck niggas and snitches ain't feelin' me homes, but I ain't gonna shoot up ya home, I'd rather shoot off ya face, gon' get you out of the way, SK's, AK's, ok, y'all fuck niggas betta not play, ya better get ya young fuck ass out the way, or get 6 in ya chest and ya boy do the rest"

Ying Yang Twins - "Wiggle Then Move" (snippet)
Another little piece of United States of Atlanta, just 90 seconds. Starts with a woman screaming and then the beat has high pitched violin stabs that seem to be intentionally resembling the shower scene from Psycho. I love the way the girls on the beginning pronounce the g's in "Ying Yang". It's kinda crazy how much "Wait" has taken off but the new neutered "wait'll I show you this/you will never get enough" radio edit is terrible. I sorta hope they come with a more traditional Ying Yang single like this instead of going all the way with "Wait", which would sound great at the end of a split video.

Will Smith - "Mr. Nice Guy"
No seriously Will Smith seriously you guys!! Here's the little hyped up splash back at Eminem and all the haters (what about Jay-Z, though? "Volume 3 still sold more records than Will Smith"). "Sometimes y'all mistake nice for soft so before I go off", calling out radio hosts like Wendy Williams and Larry Elder. Intentionally funny and unintentionally funny at the same time. He shows some of that old Fresh Prince wit, "Will's a nice guy, why he's so nice I'd/let him date my daughter like he was a white guy", but the hook and the beat are pretty cheesy and he could've done it a lot better. He doesn't even really say anything to anyone except that he can buy and sell them, which isn't that impressive re: anyone besides Eminem.

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