Thursday, March 17, 2005

Juvenile f/ Wacko - "Sets Go Up"
Probably old news to the real NOLA heads, on Southern Smoke 17 already, but I don't really see anyone else talking about it and it's killing me. Clicky but hard-hitting drums, those high synth blips that sound like maybe just noteless pings at first but then turn out to have a tune, the string swells at the beginning and the foreboding "U...T...P". Juve's life after Cash Money looking good considering neither of his big hits last year were produced by Fresh and I didn't really like his new slightly more enunciated style on nu-Mannie beats anyway, but his voice sounds perfect on these UTP beats. PD posted some real talk the other day about N.O. voices and especially Juvie. Wacko almost upstages him with that last verse, almost.

Joe Budden - "I'ma Hustler" freesyle
"I'm a grown man, I don't have to say 'no homo'/cuz in the real world most niggas Karamo". Why am I not surprised at all that Joe Budden watches the Real World?

Mullyman f/ Freeway and Black Lo - "From The Heart"
I've written about this song before but haven't posted the mp3. Hardly Art, Hardly Garbage has "Buck On Em", which is a remix of this track that appears on the Clinton Sparks LP coming out on Koch next week. CS is from Boston and heavy in the NY mixtape scene but he has a weekly show on 92Q so he's up on a lot of Baltimore shit and I'm happy to see him put Mully on his album.

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